$5.5 million: This Is How Much a Trader from India Earned at NORDFX in Just One Month


  It is no secret that one can lose everything trading online in the financial markets. But how much can one earn? In this regard, the experience of the international brokerage company NORDFX is interesting, as it publishes monthly reports on the results of its clients and partners.

  NORDFX is a well-known company. During its 13 years in financial markets, it has been awarded more than 60 prestigious professional awards, and has been repeatedly recognized as the best broker in Asia and India. The number of accounts opened in it has long exceeded 1,500,000, and the geography of clients extends to 190 countries of the world, covering almost the entire globe.

  This year, the company received the World Forex Award as Most Transparent Broker, which was undoubtedly aided by statistics that are regularly published in the public domain. According to the company, the best result for this year was achieved by a trader from India, who made a profit of more than 5.5 million US dollars in just one month, July. The trader achieved this impressive result while trading in the Forex market.

  Overall, the selection of trading instruments that the NORDFX broker provides its clients is quite large and not limited to the Forex market. Because of this, it is sometimes called the “financial supermarket”. There are 33 currency pairs, precious metals, oil, 11 major cryptocurrencies, stock indices (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nikkei, etc.) at the service of traders, as well as CFD contracts on shares of nearly 70 of the world's largest companies, including IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Mastercard, McDonalds, Microsoft, Twitter, UBER, eBay, Alibaba, Deutsche Bank and many more.

  Leverage helps a trader to multiply their profit, as, when trading currencies, it allows to make transactions up to 1000 times their own capital. That is, with only $1000 on the account, a NORDFX client can make transactions worth up to $1 million. And, for example, a trader will need only $150 to open a transaction with a volume of 1 bitcoin, even though the price of this cryptocurrency is now around $50,000.

  At the same time, since there is no physical delivery of trading assets (currency, gold, oil or stocks), you can make money not only on the growth of these assets, but also on their decline, even collapse, making all transactions from your mobile phone or home computer.

  The company has not left out those clients who prefer passive investing instead of independent trading and provides them with a range of options to choose from. First, these are social trading services PAMM Accounts and Copy Trading. In the case of PAMM Accounts, you transfer your funds to the management of an experienced trader, whom you choose, having studied a detailed report on the results of their trading. In Copy Trading, in contrast to PAMM, all your money remains in your account, to which all transactions of your chosen trader will be automatically copied.

  The choice of traders in the NORDFX“supermarket” is very large, and all their results, achievements and… failures (sometimes they happen as well) are presented in the “showcase”. You can choose one or more of them depending on your appetite and willingness to take risks. It is clear that the greater the profit, the higher the risk. For example, according to reports published by NordFX, you can select traders in these services who bring in more than 1000% profit in 6 months, but at the same time their drawdown (an indicator characterizing the degree of risk) can reach 70% or more. However, there are other options as well: for example, when the profit for six months is 20%, but the drawdown on the account does not exceed 10%. Well, 20% is certainly not 1000%, but such income in US dollars is many times greater than interest on a bank deposit.

  Another great opportunity for passive investing is provided by the dedicated NORDFX Savings Account. This is a unique know-how development of broker specialists based on DeFi technology, which allows to receive passive investment income up to 30% per annum and, if desired, to conduct independent active trading in parallel. For this purpose, the owners of such an account can take out a loan with NORDFX at only 3%.

  Recall that all these figures are for US dollars. Although, some major cryptocurrencies may also be used to open accounts.

  There is another way to make money In this brokerage company, with a risk that is equal to 0. This is an affiliate program in which you simply attract new customers and receive a commission for this. And the remuneration is paid instantly and on each customer's transaction, even if it was unsuccessful. More than 25,000 people around the world have already become partners of the company under this risk-free scheme. And the best result for a partner from India this year was about $60,000 per month. Although this is rather an exception. It would be more correct to talk about monthly earnings of several hundred or thousands of dollars. It all depends on your own activity and initiative.

  And, in conclusion, another bonus for NORDFX clients. It's a lottery that draws 101 prizes this year for a total of $100,000. The next draw is October 01. It is easy to become a participant, the procedure is online and takes only a few minutes. You can find out how to do this visiting the official NORDFX website.

  Source: thehindubusinessline

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