Why WikiFX is Essential to Forex Traders?



  What exactly is Forex Trading?


  Foreign exchange trading is the purchase, sale, or exchange of one or more currencies for other foreign currencies. Foreign currency may be converted into forex. Currency pairings are the names given to these exchange currencies (fx pairs). The exchange rates in the forex market determine the value of these currencies. Forex is the world's largest financial market, with global participants. According to forex trading reports, around 6.59 trillion US dollars in different currencies are openly exchanged every 24 hours. This means that dealers may trade currency 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  About WikiFX



  Wikifx is a platform for searching worldwide company financial information. Its primary duty is to give the included foreign exchange trading organizations with basic information searching, regulatory license seeking, the credit assessment, platform identification, and other services.

  A big data solution by WikiFX that combines data collection, data screening, data aggregation, data modeling, and data productization using public data from government agencies and sophisticated sniffer systems and mathematical algorithms. WikiFX's big data solution is based on the use of scientific computing algorithms and sophisticated sniffer systems. WikiFX may then assess the supervision and risk levels of the associated organizations across several dimensions and give matching security solutions to individual users, corporate users, and government agencies.

  Wikifx has always placed a high value on scientific and technical research, as well as the establishment of autonomous intellectual property rights, and tries to deliver high-quality services to users via continual innovation and iteration. The corporation has subsidiaries or offices in countries including Singapore, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cyprus, and others. Wikifx has been offered to users in over 14 languages across the globe, including English. Users from all around the globe completely appreciate the wonder and convenience that Internet technology provides.

  Why do Forex Traders need WikiFX?

  WikiFX supplies traders with critical information ranging from how to choose legitimate/regulated brokers to trading news. It will also allow you to share your good and bad experiences with your forex broker. Aside from the fact that the platform's only aim is to protect traders from being duped or matched with the incorrect broker. The platform is also accessible through smartphones running IOS and Android. For traders to easily get trading news and updates. Not only can you find licensed brokers on the app, but you can also discover which unregulated forex brokers are active in the forex market. The educational feature of the app is quite helpful for someone who wants to get started in forex trading by educating themselves on how to trade, terminology, and how to utilize a trading platform that is accessible in several languages. The website also provides not only forex trading news and updates but also a range of trading robots or expert advisers from which traders may pick if they wish to automate their trading. The most astonishing feature of the app is that you can see the rankings, broker data, and the most recent news from each broker's webpage.

  Best Features of the WikiFX App


  · The design is highly user-friendly both on a web browser and smartphones, so you won't need to ask for assistance on how to use the program. But in some cases WikiFX support is available 24/7. There are also video tutorials that you might gonna need for your navigating journey.

  Browser View


  Mobile View


  · It takes you directly to your destination. The navigations are precise in size and indicate what is on the page.

  · The app's speed and precision would gratify the user.

  · For faster access to the whole news, the most recent news is already incorporated into the site.


  · When it comes to features, one of the most notable is the opportunity to post both critical and positive comments immediately on the broker's page using the app.

  · The app's biggest feature, in my opinion, is the ability to see the rating, standings, and information of a certain trading broker.


  Why is WikiFX created?


  The Forex market is now the most liquid and largest financial market. As a result, the currency market sees billions of dollars in trade activity every day. With technological advancements, it is now even simpler to enter the market through digital channels. You may even use sophisticated FX robots to place orders. However, as much as it is important to have trading plans with suitable risk management procedures, you must also be aware of forex scams as a trader. These are often held inside the sector and are aimed at all users. Knowing about numerous sorts of scams and how to avoid them in the first place might save you from getting into any needless situations.

  To buy or sell currencies, you need to use a forex broker's trading interface. Forex trading requires the use of a broker. Because not all brokers are honest and trustworthy, some may steal your money or bombard you with fees, which is a terrible situation. This is why WikiFX was founded by a team with one purpose in mind: to assist online traders to avoid choosing the incorrect trading broker.

  To download and install the app on mobile phones just go to Apple Store or Google Playstore and search for WikiFX App. For a browser, visit https://www.wikifx.com


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