✮Philippines✮ WikiFX Giveaway! Easy to Win 200Peso PhoneCard Credit

  ✮Event name:

  WikiFX Giveaway! Easy to Win 200Peso PhoneCard Credit


  Do you know the truths about FX trading?Traders Need a Financial Background?Trading is Easy?You can‘t be successful with a small trading account?A profitable trader wins most trades?You need to spend a lot of time monitoring trades?Expertise in economic analysis is important?Truth or Lie?Let’s disscus it and win our big giveaway!

  ✮Event period:

  2021/10/18 20: 00 :00 ~ 2021/11/01 23:59:59 (GMT+8)

  ✮How to participate:

  •   Search WikiFX on Google Play or App Store, download WikiFX App;


    •   2.After downloading, please register as a new user. Search “Giveaway” at the “Forum” section or find the event post WikiFX Giveaway! Easy to Win 200Peso PhoneCard Credit


        3. Leave a comment below the post, for instance, 「Your opinion on FX trading Truth or Lie + Your Phone number/ Telegram User name], Join our Telegram group chat [ WikiFX Furom ] and you will be eligible for the prize draw!

        ✮Event prize:

        -Number of qualified comments is above 100; 125Peso Phone Card credit; Winners: 20

        -Number of qualified comments is above 200; 165Peso Phone Card credit; Winners: 30

        -Number of qualified comments is above 550; 200Peso Phone Card credit; Winners:50


        ✮Prize drawrules:After the event, winners will be drawn from the list of eligible users.(the number of winners depends on the total Number of qualified comments during the event) It should be noted that each user ID is eligible for one entry of the draw, regardless of the number of qualified comments posted.

        ✮Winner notification and prize collection:The list of winners will be released before 2021/11/04 on: WikiFX.PH Telegram Group and WikiFX staff will contact the winners about prize collection from the announcement date to 2021/11/10.Please reply to the notice via Telegram within 7 days and include the following information: WikiFX user name, contact number and mobile carrier. Failure to reply within due time will be deemed as relinquishment to the benefit of the prize, and WikiFX will not further notify the winner or again release the prize entry.This event is limited to Philippines users only.More detail on WikiFX.PH Facebook.


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