About Money Management and How to Anticipate the Loss

It is always interesting to talk about money management in a forex trading. All of us know that this activity has a high profit potential, but also really close to the loss.

That is why; a good management to maintain your capital the key. For an experienced trader, losses obviously won't get them down. Usually they already have the backup plan and money.

However, for novice traders who do not understand about it at all, losses will make them lose capital and confidence. So, it is recommended to complete yourself with the proper knowledge.

More about Money Management and Its Definition

From several sources it can be known that the definition Is about managing the money. It refers to some financial planning processes such as saving, investment, expenditure, Etc.

Another example is like supervise the use of capital for business or investment either individually or in groups. The term money management is also often used for investment and portfolio.

How about money management in a forex trading industry? Usually it is related to how huge the lot in every trading position is, the distance d between the open position with stop loss, and more.

The Tips for Using this Maintain Effectively

To effectively use this strategy, there are 4 different methods which are quite popular and can be followed. Here are those methods.

1.Using the take profit or stop loss

Stop loss is the lowest position of a price limit value. When the movement touches this value, the system will automatically close the order or position. However, remember a thing.

This system is specially made to limit the loss. However, a decision to use this SL is sometimes not that comfortable for the traders. It is because you have a risk to close a position in a loss situation when the price is still corrected.

2.Do a cut loss

This technique is done by closing the loss-making transactions as soon as possible with the aim of avoiding the risk of greater losses. For example, at that time, you predict the price will fall and are ready to sell as much as 1 lot at the level of 1.60000.

However, beyond the prediction then it moves higher up to 1 60200 so that the loss is minus 200 pips. To avoid the worse condition, so you can close in the position of 1.60200 with the consequence of -200 pips.

3.Try the switching technique

One more thing about money management is trying the switching technique. It is done by closing the worse position and take the new one immediately which is in line with the next price.

The aim is to recover the loss caused by the transaction position before. Usually, this technique is effective to do if the change is quick and drastic.

Taking risk with averaging

For you who have a strong mentality and never afraid of any risks, averaging is a perfect technique. It is an extreme option because it takes the reverse direction with the price movement.

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