Anzo Capital:XAUUSD在本周收盘时有所回落


The USDJPY pair has found support and is making moves towards the recent ceiling at the 110.69 price level. Previously, price action rejected this price area, therefore strong bullish conviction will be required. Momentum indicators have bullish trajectories.



The GBPUSD pair has started to pull back from the 1.418 resistance level, as sellers have begun to drive price action. A key support level exists as the ascending trendline where typically, bullish rebounds take place. Momentum indicators have downward trajectories.

由于卖方开始推动价格走势,GBPUSD开始从 1.418 阻力位回调。上升趋势线作为关键支撑位,并通常会发生看涨反弹。动量指标有向下的轨迹。


The Eurodollar has broken the ascending trendline and the 1.217 support level as strong bearish sentiment has reversed the rally. The pair may now return to a period of consolidation within this trading range between the 1.198 and 1.217 price levels. Momentum indicators have downward trajectories.

由于强劲的看跌情绪逆转了涨势,Eurodollar已突破上升趋势线和 1.217 支撑位。该货币对现在可能回到 1.198 至1.217 交易区间内进行一段盘整期。动量指标有向下的轨迹。


The USDCAD pair is undergoing a bullish reversal as a change in price direction has resulted in a break of the 1.206 support level. Bullish conviction will be tested as previous rally attempts have been short-lived. Momentum indicators signal strong bullish sentiment.

因价格方向的变化导致突破 1.206 支撑位,USDCAD货币对正在经历看涨逆转。鉴于此前的反弹尝试均较为短暂,因此看涨信心将受到考验。动量指标表明强烈的看涨情绪。


The XAUUSD rally has, once again, been thwarted and sellers have begun to dominate price action. The result is a break of both the ascending trendline and the 1870 support level which have acted as key support levels. Price action has now returned to a consolidation range. Momentum indicators have sharp downward trajectories.

XAUUSD 的反弹再次受阻,卖方开始主导价格走势。其结果为突破作为关键支撑位的上升趋势线和1870 支撑位。价格走势现已回调至盘整区间。动量指标有急剧下降的轨迹。


USOUSD has broken out of the 66.75 resistance level and ascending trendline, yet conviction currently remains weak. Small-bodied candles may be the first signal that the current rally may not last. Momentum indicators have bullish trajectories, though RSI is approaching overbought conditions.

USOUSD 已突破 66.75 阻力位和上升趋势线,但目前信心仍然疲软。小蜡烛体可能是表明当前反弹不会持续的第一个信号。动量指标有看涨轨迹,相对强弱指标(RSI) 接近超买状态。


The WS30 index has rejected that first gap fill line at the 29,518 price level, as sellers have returned. Price action has been consolidating within the 27,666-29,518 range since the end of February this year and clearly, strong bullish conviction will be required to drive the break. Momentum indicators have downward trajectories.

随着卖方回归,WS30 已拒绝 29,518 价位的第一条跳空填补线。自今年 2 月底以来,价格走势持续位于 27,666至29,518 交易区间内盘整,将需要强劲的看涨信心来推动突破。动量指标有向下的轨迹。

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This article is to be used only as a reference, not as a basis for trading.

策略仅供参考 不做交易依据

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