Anzo Capital:XAUUSD 买方仍在战斗


USDJPY sellers are still active in the pair and have taken price action back towards the ascending trendline, where bullish rebounds normally take place. Oscillations are continuing to narrow as the pair approaches the triangle apex. Momentum indicators have flattened in bullish territory.



The GBPUSD pair is continuing to stick to the 1,418 price level despite some rise in bearish sentiment. As the pair edges closer to the apex, we may anticipate a bullish breakout, especially as buyers appear to have contained any potential reversal. Momentum indicators have moderate downward trajectories.

尽管看跌情绪有所上升,但GBPUSD走势仍保持在 1,418 价位。随着该货币对接近顶点,再加上买方似乎正遏制任何潜在的逆转,预计可能会出现看涨突破。动量指标有适度下行轨迹。


The Eurodollar has moved to test of the 1.217 price level, which is emerging as a key price level in the tussle between buyers and sellers. Bullish sentiment clearly remains as US Dollar weakness persists. Momentum indicators have downward trajectories.

Eurodollar已经开始测试 1.217 价位,该价位正在成为买卖双方争夺的关键价位。由于美元持续疲软,看涨情绪明显存在。动量指标有向下的轨迹。


The USDCHF pair has rejected the 0.904 resistance level, signifying that this price level remains a significant obstacle to potential rallies. As a result, a period of consolidation between the 0.889 and 0.904 price levels may be on the cards. Momentum indicators signal moderate bullish sentiment.

USDCHF货币对已拒绝 0.904 阻力位,表明该价位仍然为潜在反弹的重大阻碍。因此,将可能出现 0.889 至 0.904 价格区间的盘整期。动量指标表明适度看涨情绪。


XAUUSD has rebounded from the ascending trendline and 1870 junction. The rally appears likely to gain more ground with the price action tracing the trendline upwards. Momentum indicators have sharp downward trajectories, although RSI has stalled in bullish territory (MACD lags).

XAUUSD已从上升趋势线和 1870 交界处反弹。随着价格走势上行并跟随上升趋势线,反弹似乎可能会获得更多支撑。动量指标具有急剧下降的轨迹,相对强弱指标(RSI) 位于看涨区域停滞(指数平滑移动平均线MACD 滞后)。


USOUSD continues to hug the ascending trendline as bullish momentum builds, albeit at a moderate pace. The pair is close to entering the $70 per barrel range which would indicate strong demand for the commodity and a full price recovery. Momentum indicators have bullish trajectories, though RSI is approaching overbought conditions.



The JP225 index has rejected the descending trendline in further indicating that longer-term bearish sentiment has been established. Sellers have appeared once again and price action may now turn towards the 28,532 price level. Momentum indicators are neutral/bullish.


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This article is to be used only as a reference, not as a basis for trading.

策略仅供参考 不做交易依据

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