Apex Partners with FortKnoxster


  Fortknoxster will enhance their security using APEXs Arweave nodes when storing encrypted information. APEX node holders will gain access to a new innovative beneficiary service, called DieFi, and all features, developed by the Fortknoxster team.

  DieFi is an automated crypto beneficiary testament, which will automatically be activated when a user (the benefactor) fails to sign in to his account for a certain period of time (default is 12 months). Designated beneficiaries, appointed by the benefactor, will be notified and can choose to initiate a recovery process of benefactors digital assets, which includes a multi-step security identification process with use of AI and machine learning to eliminate fraud.

  After beneficiaries have successfully passed all the verification requirements, the access to benefactor wallets, nodes, NFTs and other digital assets will be transferred to appointed beneficiaries.

  Apex Node holders will get exclusive access to a whitelabelled Apex-themed version of DieFi when it launches to the public in July 2022. Not only does it guarantee the user the safety of their Apex Nodes in case of an emergency, Apex Node holders will be able to store all their crypto credentials in one place which includes custodial, non-custodial wallets and trading account details.

  “Our team at Apex is very enthusiastic to partner with FortKnoxster,” said Tom Barr, CEO of Apex. “We cant wait to start offering a one of a kind DieFi service to Apex Node holders, who will definitely benefit from securing the long-term future of their digital assets. It marks the first of many exciting partnerships with FortKnoxster and we are looking forward to working together in the years to come.”

  FortKnoxster is planning to use Apexs Arweave nodes as part of its DieFi decentralized solution, when storing encrypted material that needs to be available permanently. This can include proxy re-encrypted key & node material, which are produced when a benefactor assigns a beneficiary.

  “We are very excited to join forces with Apex and help secure the digital assets of Apex Node holders, ”said Niels Klitsgaard, CEO and co-founder of FortKnoxster. “The partnership is a win-win, as FortKnoxster will use the Apex‘s Nodes as a part of our decentralized architecture. It’s a pleasure to work with the skilled Apex team, and we are looking forward to joining the journey as a trusted Apex partner.”

  Both companies are thrilled about the partnership and have other initiatives planned, which they will be working on in the coming months.

  What is FortKnoxster?

  FortKnoxster is a cybersecurity company specializing in safeguarding digital assets on the blockchain. Fortknoxsters innovations, extreme security level, and services are extraordinary and help secure and futureproof the FinTech and Blockchain space.

  The upcoming launch of Fortknoxsters DieFi service solves a billion dollar problem – more than $200 billion worth of digital assets were lost due to death or loss of access to crypto wallet private keys / recovery seeds.

  What is Apex?

  Apex is a true Node as a Service (NaaS) protocol built on the Avalanche blockchain, and offers developer tools and infrastructure to set up and manage the nodes connected to the network.

  Apex is dedicated to empowering Web 3.0 infrastructure through nodes operating across a variety of blockchain. Apex deploys nodes for a wide range of blockchains and empowers these networks by increasing the decentralization and security of these blockchains including Arweave, Avalanche, Ethereum, and the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Apex Nodes have a 100% uptime, infinitely scalable and instantly available.


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