AVAX/USD: New Kid in Town Still Capturing Speculative Hearts

  AVAX/USD has captured the attention of many cryptocurrency speculators and has established itself as the number ten digital asset via its market capitalization in a short span of time. One of the attractive aspects about AVAX/USD is that while its trading life may be short regarding timeframes, it was established by respected a respected cryptocurrency team, and has the backing of major investment firms. Avalanche is a potential rival to Ethereum.

  On the 21st of November, AVAX/USD hit a price of nearly 147.50000000 before suffering a short-term reversal which has seen lows since then of about 126.50000000. However, since moving downwards after establishing the record price, AVAX/USD has actually created an almost tranquil trading range in the past day and the price as of this writing is near the 131.50000000 ratio and looks relatively firm. Short-term support looks to be around the 127.00000000 while resistance targets could be perceived to be around 137.5000000.

  Trading conditions within AVAX/USD have been fast the entire month of November. On the 1st of this month, the cryptocurrency was near 65.00000000 USD; yes, that is correct. AVAX/USD has more than doubled its value in about three weeks. Speculators should be impressed by the illustrious gains, but they also need to stay realistic and consider the possibility that they have missed the first couple of rocket rides upwards in AVAX/USD. What can go up can also go down in the cryptocurrency world.

  Avalanche coin has created a blockchain which hopes to compete with Ethereum by allowing smart contracts to be traded on its technology in a more secure manner, in addition with the claim that its transactions will be much quicker. After reaching an all-time high only two days ago, intriguingly, AVAX/USD seemed to stumble near what can be considered an inflection point. When the 150.00000000 came into sight it seems as if AVAX/USD began to lose momentum. Can this juncture be surpassed soon?

  AVAX/USD has garnered plenty of attention from a broad base of cryptocurrency speculators this month and it may be able to generate even more publicity in the near future. While the broad cryptocurrency market via Avalanches competitors have found rather stiff headwinds the past couple of weeks, AVAX/USD has found upwards momentum which may continue to be generated near term. If current support levels are sustained near the 128.00000000 to 126.00000000 marks, traders may be tempted to continue to look for upside traction.

Avalanche Short-Term Outlook

  Current Resistance: 137.50000000

  Current Support: 127.00000000

  High Target: 148.00000000

  Low Target: 122.47000000


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