AXI Taps FYNXT for Launching MAM/PAMM Accounts


  AXI Taps FYNXT for Launching MAM/PAMM Accounts

  The services are based on the cloud-based infrastructure of FYNXT.

  FX and CFDs broker AXI announced on Wednesday its partnership with Singapore-based fintech FYNXT (previously known as Simple2Trade) for extension of its offering with the launch of the Forex Managed Accounts Services (MAM/PAMM) platform.

  The broker is also stressing features like enhanced administration automation, flexible fee management, and precision in asset allocation for the newly-added services.

  Commenting on the offering, AXI‘s Chief Commercial Officer, Louis Cooper said: “We’ve long understood the limitations of traditional MAM and PAMM offerings out there; as the industry evolved to address the money and fund management sector, technology enhancements have been only piecemeal, incremental and so too, the business benefits.”

  Cloud Tech Infra Is Dominating

  The new services of the broker are based on the cloud-based technology infrastructure of FYNXT.

  “A seriously in-depth understanding of the peculiarities and nuances within the ”managed“ sector was key for me; once we had nailed this, killer technology from our friends at FYNXT in Singapore would be the enabler for us to continue offering our clients the trading edge,” Cooper added.

  FYNXT, which was recently rebranded, offers vertically integrated digital platforms that are available in both SaaS and licensed formats. It further boasts its services to have the advantages of minimal services cost, ease of use, almost infinite scalability and accelerated time to market.

  “Anything we can do to help our clients better serve their clients is what drives us,” said FYNXTs Singapore-based CEO, Aeby Samuel. “We are immensely proud of our latest Social Fund Management offering and if preliminary feedback from our early clients is any guide, we look forward with a high degree of confidence and excitement.”


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