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  Russia‘s financial sector has recovered considerably since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, marking the end of 69 years of a centralized government and economy. Today, despite several recent disruptions such as the US and Europe imposing trade sanctions on Russia in 2014, 2017 and 2018 for its aggression towards the Ukraine and in support of Syria, the country’s financial sector remains vibrant and viable.

  The leading stock exchange in Russia is known as the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), or Московская биржа in Russian, and was founded in 2011. This was born from a previous stock market known as the Russian Trading System (RTS), which had been established in 1995 by consolidating several other regional exchanges into one centralized one based in Moscow.

  While businesses may feel somewhat secure about operating in Russia, traders should remain careful when using local Russian forex brokers due to the historical presence of fraudulent operations there and overly favourable advertising regarding the benefits of forex trading.

  Russia nevertheless has a decent ranking of 31st when it comes to the overall ease of doing business in the country, according to the World Bank. Russian financial institutions and brokers are also overseen by the AFD and the Bank of Russia (CBR), which releases new financial regulations from time to time.

  Traders seeking to trade via an online broker should review their list of assets, reputation, trading platform features and regulatory oversight to make sure they are suitable. A broker worthy of trusting with a margin deposit should also keep their clients money separate from their own funds for added security in case a financial issue arises.

  Here is the list for trusted brokers


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