Binance Hires Nils Andersen Röed to Expand Its Investigations and Audit Team


  Binance Hires Nils Andersen Röed to Expand Its Investigations and Audit Team

  Nils previously worked at Europol as a specialist on the Dark Web team.

  Binance, one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency infrastructure providers, recently announced the appointment of Nils Andersen Röed, the former project leader of the Dark Web Unit of the Dutch National Police, as the Director of Audit and Investigations.

  According to an official announcement shared by Binance, the newly appointed Director of Audit and Investigations will focus on conducting and leading internal and external investigations to identify bad actors. Nils will also support law enforcement agencies with their investigations.

  “After many years working in law enforcement, I am excited to tackle new challenges in the Binance Audit and Investigations team. Over the years I have learned that simply arresting criminals isnt enough to combat crime, you also need to take a broader look at the whole ecosystem in which they are operating. Criminals and other bad actors try to misuse crypto for illegal purposes, which can have an impact on innocent participants of the whole industry,” Nils said.

  “At Binance, I will be in a position to keep the platforms and users safe from these bad actors while assisting law enforcement agencies around the world with their investigations and secure prosecutions,” he added.

  Binance also highlighted its recent efforts to make the companys entire ecosystem secure for the users. In August 2021, the company increased its global KYC requirements to enhance user protection.

  Profile of Nils Andersen Röed

  Nils has a strong background in investigations. Before joining Binance, he served at Europol as a specialist on the Dark Web team. Previously, Nils also worked as the Project Leader of Operation Gravesac/Bayonet, coordinating the takeover and takedown of the dark web marketplaces Hansa Market and Alphabay.

  “My goal is to make the cryptocurrency industry (and Binance specifically) a safer place. The international collaboration between the industry and law enforcement agencies is key, criminals dont care about borders. Increased collaboration between the public and private sector will also be beneficial when it comes to fighting crime and making this industry a safer place for everyone,” Nils concluded.


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