BRG Inks Partnership with Blockchain Platform Chainalysis


  The deal aims to provide crypto-related investigative capabilities support.

  BRGs Cyber Operations and Incident Response Team will work with Chainalysis.

  Chainalysis and BRG each have a track record of helping law enforcement agencies in some of the worlds most famous investigations. For example, BRG experts helped take down the $1.2 billion underground market Silk Road and arrest its founder, Ross Ulbricht. Over 600 cyberattacks against organizations across various industries have been responded to and investigated by this team. They have spearheaded some of the most complex cyber cases ever pursued.

  “Our agreement with Chainalysis ensures BRG‘s clients not only have access to our deep technical understanding of cryptocurrency and expertise in navigating the legal system, but also will benefit from our deeper integration with Chainalysis’ data, tools and training services. Our partnership also ensures BRG‘s experts will be certified in the latest cryptocurrency investigative techniques as cryptocurrency-related litigation continues to increase,” Christopher Tarbell, a former FBI Special Agent and leader of BRG’s Cyber Operations team, commented.

  BRG added in the announcement: “Their combined experience investigating, characterizing, and containing complex cyber incidents across a range of initiatives has helped secure the cryptocurrency landscape and exemplify the transparency and traceability of blockchain transactions.”

  Cross River Deal with Chainalysis

  A recent partnership between Chainalysis and Cross River, a financial services firm that provides core infrastructure and embedded financial solutions, has been announced. Cross River will expand its cryptocurrency services using Chainalysis' compliance tools. Global digital asset ecosystems have recently grown, according to Chainalysis.

  Recent years have seen an increase in demand for crypto compliance and due diligence tools, according to the company. Its products and services are geared toward companies involved in financial technology and cryptocurrency. With the help of Chainalysis technology, the company strives to provide a high level of due diligence to its customers.


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