CXM Direct:CXM Direct 30% Deposit Bonus


  CXM Direct 30% Deposit Bonus

  CXM Direct 30% Deposit Bonus. CXM Direct Standard Bonus Account 30%+15% Deposit Bonus. All new and existing CXM Direct clients can participate in this promotion. During the activity period, you can enjoy up to 30% welcome bonus on Initial Deposits more than $100 USD and 15% on ALL subsequent deposits with combined bonus cap of $5,000 USD.

  CXM Direct 30% Deposit Bonus Terms

  Participation qualification: Any client on STANDARD BONUS Account with the minimum deposit of 100 USD automatically accept the terms and conditions and participate in this campaign.

  Requirements: During the promotion period, for initial deposit that exceeds $100 USD will be given 30% of the bonus up to $5,000 USD. 15% bonuses on secondary deposits are also counted towards the max bonus cap.

  The maximum leverage of accounts with bonus is limited to 1:1000.

  This bonus is limited to one (1) account per Client and per IP address only, regardless of the numbers of accounts held by the client. Each person can participate in the activity with only one live trading account.

  The bonus can be given only on an individual or corporate trading account and cannot be given to MAM account.

  The maximum time to trade the required volume is 30 calendar days from the time the deposit was entered into the trading account. After the 30-day period, the bonus funds will be withdrawn.

  This bonus is in the form of a Credit, which may be withdrawn.

  Internal transfers are not allowed between MT4 accounts of a client. If an internal transfer is requested, the bonus will be fully removed from an account.

  If a client makes withdrawal request which exceed the total deposit amount, the bonus amount will be fully deducted.

  A client can withdraw any profit from his/her trading account, in this case, the bonus funds will not be deducted.


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