Fighting Forex Scams in South Africa through Wikifx


  Wikifx is global Forex regulatory platforms owned by wiki co. limited with branch offices across the globe and headquartered in Hong Kong China. This company through its South African branch, helps to fight Forex Scams in South Africa by carrying out thorough investigation about the existence of the different brokers, online trading platforms and exchange that feature in South Africa. Consequently, all Forex traders in South Africa are invited to download Wikifx app. through which they can always obtain correct data and facts surrounding any broker and exchange they intend to deal with. Wikifx also helps the defrauded to regain their capital by exposing the Scam brokers and tracing them to repay their clients. All South African traders are invited to report their experience of scam brokers and exchange to Wikifx as to fight their battle for them and help them regain their investments.


  Some investors today in South Africa are very much afraid to invest in Forexdue to the increasing cases of fraud brokers that dope traders of their hard earned currency after depositing. Similarly many online platforms now promise people great ROI returns for their investments in Forex but always failed to pay the clients after investment. Against this backdrop, Wikifx and Wikbit South Africa has been established to help traders identify all fraudulent brokers and equally helps the defrauded to regain their capital.

  Wikifx respectively are one company partitioned to fight Forex Scams and possessed by wiki co. Limited. This company is headquartered in Hong Kong China. Currently, Wikifx has set her branch office across the globe especially in Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cyprus.

  How does Wikifx aim to fight Forex Scams in South Africa?

  Wikifx South Africa proceeds to fight all forms of fraud in Forex by secretly carrying out an inquiry about the existence of a particular broker, online trading platforms and exchanges. Wikifx has got its trained agents across the globe that visits all Forex company to verify their existence and the quality of services they offer. Based on the data obtained from this visits and thorough investigation on their working principles, Wikifx proceeds to rate these brokers, online trading platforms and different exchange into various categories such as: Good, Bad, Existing, Non existing, Fraud, Poor, etc.

  With these recommendations, Wikifx guides investors on the choice of platforms, brokers and exchange to trade with. By so doing, the risk of falling prey to these scam brokers and other non existent platforms that scam people online is reduced.

  Finally, all investors and traders in South Africa are advised to always visit Wikifx platforms to obtain some guides and useful information on their choice of investing with any broker, online trading platforms and exchange.

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