Forex Trading Mindset


  There are no guarantees in trading. The sooner you accept that you sooner you can release your expectations and focus unconditionally on a proven process.

  Most traders lose because they are:

  Over leveraged

  Under capitalized

  Can't handle the uncertainty

  Trade Fearfully

  Ignore trends

  Practice poor bankroll management and bad trade selection.

  Forex trading is high leveraged speculation.

  However, traders can trade with as little as $100 at many brokerage houses. What make currency trading attractive is that a trader can create as much or as little leverage on a position as they are comfortable with.

  The best way to learn forex trading is to open a demo account and learn the ropes.

  Long term success in forex is measured not by how much you make when you are right but rather how little you lose when you are wrong.

  If someone is promising you a guaranteed high return on currency trading my advice would be to run away as fast as humanly possible.


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