Forex Trading Signals Sept. 8 – Khitish Dash

  PAIR ANALYSIS (September 8, 2021)

  Author: Khitish Dash


  Hi Good Morning, Everyone. So, Lets start our day from the Economic calendar. So, coming to news Events we have BANK OF CANADA Interest Rate Decision at 7.30 PM IST.


  So, coming to the pair Analysis there are so many pairs in the money spot which takes my interest from the pair so today I will wait for a confirmation entry and wait for London open to take the entry.

  So, my First pair is GBP AUD.

  we can see the last sellers who made LL and that sellers still active with the pullback coming in set 1 set 2 designs. That‘s a good sign but as it’s a higher time frame pullback timing will not be easy. So what I will be waiting for is to make a spike and people stopping out than react to the trap and go down.


  My next pair is NZDUSD. For a 15 3 buy as Higher time frame still sell and buyers came strong so we can expect a buy to recent high. If those buyers struggle than the sell will be on depending on correlation.


  Next thing about Aud pairs I am interested in AUDCHF EURAUD AUDJPY BUT all are in money spot that makes me little concern.


  Stay tuned on WikiFX!


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