FVP Trade Set to Launch on the OTC Market at their Asian Summit


  The event will take place between June 20-23 in Kuala Lumpur.

  For four days between the 20-23th of June, guests will be treated to luxury accommodation, while being able to explore its wonderful cultural heritage as well as sampling its world renowned local food and outstanding nature and wildlife.

  Guests of the event have been invited from all reaches of Asia, as well as Australia, Europe and even some guests coming from as far away as Brazil. With over 10 countries being represented, it truly is set to be a global, multicultural event.

  In addition to spectacular live performances, there will also be a lucky prize draw with the grand prize being a Mercedes Benz C-Class to reward our members. There will be guest speakers from within the industry, as well as our management team, Mr Tim Booth and Mr Jonathan Greene, who will share some exciting news about the companys plans for 2022 and beyond.

  The highlight of the event will of course be FVP Trade‘s launch onto the U.S. OTC Market. FVP’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Ethan Murray, had this to say on this momentous occasion:

  “This has been a long time coming for the company, were running a little over schedule on this owing to the fact we needed to get our ”ducks in a row so to speak,

  but it was imperative that our internal trading system was up and running and operating efficiently before we could begin the next phase and begin the company's first international circulation of shares.

  We are now ready for launch in June onto the OTC Market and it‘s a pivotal step on the way to the company’s eventual listing on the Nasdaq in 2024. Its a significant occasion for FVP Trade on our journey of growth and development. It will allow the company to raise more capital, grow our reputation and standing, and ensure we can provide greater liquidity to our investors.

  The OTC Listing is part of a larger journey that has been mapped out by upper management in previous summits held in the UK, but due to the pandemic, they have been held online. The 2022 Asian Summit was initially due to be held in China, but with the resurgence of covid across the nation, the company has seen fit to relocate the event to Malaysia in the interests of safety.

  Head of Marketing, Keith Walker, had this to say on FVP Trades past few months and the exciting times ahead:

  2022 is set to be one of FVP Trades most action packed years to date. Having enjoyed an extremely prosperous Christmas and Lunar New Year, we have recently returned from Dubai where we have now increased operations thanks to investment from our partners, The Al-Mohannadi Group, and have already begun setting up offices in and around the UAE.

  We now have the Asian Summit in Kuala Lumpur, where thousands of new and existing IBs and investors will gather for the next part of our journey, our OTC listing. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I know that our CEO, Mr Jonathan Greene, has some exciting news to reveal to our guests on the day, that will lead to fantastic results for us all!.

  The company continues to surpass expectations and has seen rapid growth in past years despite navigating through numerous COVID-19 lockdowns. With the latest rapid expansion plans well and truly underway throughout the United Arab Emirates, the company looks to build on its recent success across Europe and Asia.


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