Gang Attempted to Steal Bitcoin Fortune from US Entrepreneur in Spain


  Gang Attempted to Steal Bitcoin Fortune from US Entrepreneur in Spain

  He reportedly has over $58 million worth in the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

  Dentzel Zaryn, the co-founder of Spanish social media network Tuenti and Bitcoin (BTC) investor, was reportedly a victim of torture and attempted kidnapping related to his crypto fortune. According to El Español, Spanish police are investigating the alleged attempt of the robbery that Zaryn suffered, leaving him with a ‘superficial knife’ wound resulting from the incident in Madrid.

  The assailants were four, said the American entrepreneur, who are suspected from Eastern Europe based on the inquiries. Police believe the gang of four people targeted Zaryns private BTC wallet keys, as he provided them in a first instance with the login details. However, he managed to lock his accounts on time before anything was stolen.

  Tuenti‘s co-founder reportedly holds over $58 million worth in Bitcoin across his wallets. According to Zaryn, he thought that who knocked on the door to enter his home was a prostitute who he hired. A maintenance worker accompanied him at that time, El Español said, adding some sort of credibility to his testimony. Afterward, the four assailants proceeded to handcuff him, who sprayed him with an unknown liquid, the police detailed, quoting the entrepreneur’s testimony.

  No Arrests Made Yet

  Police agents are now investigating the CCTV footage from the building and making inquires from neighbors. As a result of the robbery, the gang reportedly took computers, flash drives, a tablet, jewelry, and mobile phones from Zaryn‘s home. In addition, the neighbor who alerted the police about the incident was hearing screams coming from Zaryn’s home asking for help.

  There are no arrests made as of press time nor additional information about the incident, as the Spanish Police keeps investigating the attempted robbery of Bitcoins. They‘re also trying to find any relation of the prostitute with the criminals who might have used her as a bait to access Zaryn’s home, although she never showed up in the neighborhood when the incident happened.


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