GemForex | Numbers Outlook – May 2022

Total Trading Volume during the Month of May 2022had reached approximately $380 billion,which is a 15% increase year-over-year when compared toMay 2021 ($330 billion), It is however a15% decrease from the average trading volume of the previous 12 months ($446 billion).During the months of the summer season, there is usually a drop in trading volumes across the industry, considering that fact we have concluded that both the volumes and the profitability of the Brokerage are an efficient uptrend.

Other client-centric parameters for the Company are also on a healthy uptrend. The number of Active Traders is showing a steady increase during the Month reaching 50,780 with 4.97 million unique trades which is an increase year-over-year when compared to May 2021 with the respective numbers being 35,213 (44% increase)and 2.8 million (78% increase). The numbers for the previous average 12 months, ending May 2022, were 47,470 (7% increase)and 3.98 million (25% increase) respectively.

In May 2022, the company had processed over $44 millionin Client Withdrawals, with the Partner Rewards payouts reaching $4.9 millionfor the month.

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