Dedicate some time to mastering the fundamental principles, abbreviations, and features of the forex language, as it will simply assist you in understanding what a certain trading book, article, or video is about.

  While learning forex, being cautious about what you see and read is critical. There's a good probability you'll be distracted by some kind of dubious information at first, after which you won't have a clear comprehension of certain things.

  Whether it's forex trading classes, articles, books, or videos, you'll find all you need. JustForex stays up to date on all trading news, so you'll find a lot of interesting, and more significantly, high-quality content recommended by our professional team, who genuinely cares about how you start your trading career.


  In South Africa, there are many forex brokers to choose from, but not all of them adhere to the same trading standards. Determine the parameters you're looking for when picking a broker. Take into account your unique requirements, and you'll be able to identify not just your broker's best qualities, but also potential bottlenecks.

  The specific criteria to keep in mind to find a trusted broker are:

  review. Take the time to read the reviews on several independent platforms like Trustpilot. This gives you 100% carefully selected information about the terms and conditions of a particular broker. Pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How to control the process. You can withdraw your money at any time. Leverage ratio. If you need to borrow a certain amount to invest, the broker is just to help you. Brokers can provide convenient leverage from 1: 1 to 1: 3000, making it easy to increase profits from trading activities. The amount of the deposit. This is very important for beginners as they want to start trading at a reasonable amount. Consider choosing a broker that fully supports this idea and offers the opportunity to start trading for just $ 1. Keep in mind that your rate of return depends heavily on the amount you have in your trading account. Bonus program. Such promotional programs allow traders to increase their deposits and gain better trading opportunities. In this way, you will be able to earn large amounts of money just to make your daily transactions. Tournament. You are all of us, all of us, and a good opportunity to receive valuable prizes for your trading activities. You need to pay attention to brokers who have a tradition of starting several contests every month. Low spread. Consider choosing a broker with reduced spreads, as this will only save you money. Trade with spreads starting at 0 pips. 24/7 support. Support is always dependable and cool when the broker understands its importance. Understanding involves experience. Simply open a transaction and make informed decisions. JustForex is one of the few brokers in the South African market that offers all of the above benefits. By the way, there is a good opportunity to start trading with the 120 position bonus promotion offered by the broker.

   Remember Trading Hours

  Yes, you can trade on the forex market at any time of the day or night. It should be noted here that there are four major forex trading sessions: the Sydney session, Tokyo session, London session, and New York session. Trading hours are very personal, so you need to choose the best time for you and your trading strategy. Starting with the

  Demo Account

  Demo Account is a great opportunity to learn from scratch how the world's financial markets are working. You will have the opportunity to master the world's most popular trading platforms MT4 or MT5 and prepare to work psychologically there. You don't have to worry about money while using your demo account as you are trading only with virtual funds. You won't lose anything here and you will get a lot in return.

  Trading with South African Forex Brokers You can start your trading journey by opening a trading account. The procedure is as follows:

  Please fill out the registration form. Select and open your trading platform (MT4 / MT5). Make a deposit and start trading. Read our daily forecasts and market overview to keep you up to date.

  Exploring the New Horizon

  Forex is available to anyone who wants to start trading without any experience. The main thing to remember here is that you start with a little money and spend your time learning every day. Both beginners and experienced traders believe it is important to trade with a trusted broker, JustForex, one of the leaders in the South African market. Millions of customers from 197 countries are ready to prove it. This is a broker that never stops offering and improving trading conditions that are favorable to clients around the world. Take the first step and become a global market player today.


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