How to be consistent inside the market


  The most challenging thing is finding consistency with your trading skills. Everyone wants to make money each and every day but do they have what it takes to even keep up with the different trading conditions? A few things needs to change if you really looking for consistent results, it is not about the strategy or the system you are using in many cases. Many people already have winning strategies or trading systems, they just look for imperfection in the strategy rather than filtering bad trades themselves and look for what they do wrong and try to master themselves instead of the market.

  Few ways to be consistent

  · Learn to maintain your trades.

  · Know when to hold and when to exit.

  · Cut losses quick and let winners run.

  · Be patience with your entries.

  · Set reasonable stop losses all the time.

  · Trust and believe your analysis.

  · It is better to wait outside the market than to be in drawdown for days.

  · Know your winning rate.

  · Have an entry strategy, a strategy to maintain your trades and an exit strategy.

  · Reward ratio must be higher than 1:2.

  · Set realistic targets, if you have never made $1000 in your entire life, and you see it floating close that trade, do not aim for millions if you have never made thousands. Learn to take profit that according to your lifestyle and targets.

  · Keep trading journal, so that you can learn from your mistakes.

  · Do not risk more than 5% per trade.

  · Avoid using high leverage.

  · Be available everyday but you do not have to trade every day.

  · Always pay attention to fundamentals, so that you might not be surprised.

  · Take high probable setups.

  It does not have to take long to have a breakthrough in forex but people are not the same. As long as you put in the work, ask questions if you have to, you will make it before you know it. The most important thing is for you to be present in any way possible and actually keep track of your performance. The most overlooked topic is the psychological part of trading, most amount of traders know that trading is more about psychology, but some of them they do not even know where to start and improve a certain psychological key areas. Most of the point that I have mentioned are about psychological part rather than technical. If you can try to master most of these insights, a lot of things will be much simple. Trading is not the a field for geniuses, but for people who can be humble enough to take their pride aside, listen to what the market is saying, flow with rhythm and take whatever the market has to offer. Consistency can only be attained with good practice, the amount of dedication you have should be unmatched. The work you put in should not be counted or timed that is when you going to see good results you have been waiting for.

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