Trading can be time-consuming, especially when you are just starting. To be honest, it is difficult to have time for other things when you are just starting your trading journey. You will want to jump on every article and book on trading you can lay your hands on and even watch videos online. It is quite intriguing at the beginning. Getting started in trading can make you forget about many other important things in your life. You rarely have time to reach out to family, friends, and spouse [if you have one] because you are living a triangle life. Trade, eat, and sleep.

  I remember when I started my trading journey, I rarely reached out to people because I spent all day staring at the chart. I had less time for movies time and more time for reading forex-related books. I also watched all trading tutorials videos times without numbers.

  But when I started doing live trading on a live account, I figured out that there is more to trading than just being on the chart all day long. I realized this after many losses and blown accounts. A Rome wasn't built in a day, right? And with time we tend to understand things better.

  Striking a balance between trading and living comes with self-awareness. If you are a full-time trader, you need to spend some time with yourself. And this applies to traders in general. Staring at the chart all day is not spending time with yourself because your thoughts are on the chart or the trade setup you are looking at.

  Spending time yourself is just you sitting down and listening to your thoughts. Getting to know yourself and how you think will help you go far in trading, and not just in trading, but in life generally. You see, some people spend years looking for answers that are within themselves. If you think deeper, you will find answers to those questions from yourself. Just look within.

  So, if you are looking to strike a balance between trading and living, look for what works for you. As we all know, trading is a waiting game. You will wait for the setup to be ready and will also wait for the trade to play out once you execute the trade. Now that you know this, you know you can use the time in between for other meaningful things in your life. Work is just one aspect of our life, family, friends, and spouse are another, and our hobbies are the last part of our life. And to live meaningfully, we need to learn how to allocate some time for every aspect of our life.

  Trading for a living is just like every other job, and to be a better trader, you need to spend time away from the chart. Professional traders recommend this all the time. Spend some time reflecting on what you have done so far and how far you have come. Then spend some time with family and friends and other things you are passionate about. That is only when you will be able to see from Bird's eye-view. You can then use this to plan ahead of time, knowing your strength and weakness.

  I learned a lot when I spent some time studying my trading statement. I was looking at my trading statement from the third party's view. I could deduce my strength and some other things I need to improve on. You see, if you don't do these things, you will just be running in a circle. Take some time to access yourself and then look forward. You will have more understanding of the situation and how to get there smoother.

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