In South Africa, a new driver's license will be released, with ambitions to utilise 'the blockchain’


  The Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) reports that its plans to provide a new driving licence card in South Africa are on track.

  The DLCA is the South African trade organisation in charge of producing driving license cards. The firm stated in its most recent annual performance plan that the new card will have a fresh design and security features.

  The card also allows for 'process re-engineering' to improve service delivery and send cards more efficiently and effectively, according to the company. The DLCA also revealed that new technologies, such as blockchain technology, are being considered for inclusion in the new card.

  By October 2023, the new driver's license card should be available in the country.

  In March, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula responded to parliamentary inquiries by saying that the design for the new driver's license card had been finalized and was awaiting cabinet approval.

  Mbalula has previously suggested that identification features be included in South African driver's licenses, and in a February media briefing, he stated that the country's new driving card will include a number of security enhancements as well as international recognition, allowing it to be used as a form of identification.

  After the physical license card is implemented, the government wants to implement an electronic driving license that will be accessible via a motorist's smartphone.

  With the launch of the eDL, motorists will be able to apply for both a physical card and an electronic driver's license, both of which will be available via a motorist's mobile phone.

  The DLCA also stated that it is working on a new'smart enrollment' technology to make the driving license procedure more smooth. With the government planning to extend online license renewals in the next years, this will make it easier to gather data straight from the driver's license card and other sources.


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