Learn more about TINDER Forex Scams and how to avoid it.


  The Tinder forex scam is a new, yet quite sophisticated method some groups of criminals (mainly from China) use to lure men into investing in the forex market in order to get his money. It‘s a perfect example of a so-called ’honey trap: An attractive woman using her beauty and sex-appeal to entice a man into doing something very stupid. But what is this scam exactly and how does it work?

  What is the Tinder Forex Scam?

  As of lately, more and more Tinder profiles have popped up in Thailand that seem to belong to beautiful, young, yet affluent Chinese girls. As soon as they match with men, they start a casual conversation about work, career, business and personal topics. Nothing serious. It usually starts with a very shallow conversation which gradually turns into flirting. They appeal to mens ego by flattering and complimenting about certain achievements of that particular guy. Often, they claim to be a finance analyst or some business owner.


  After a while, these girls begin to show more and more of their wealth. Sending photos of expensive cars, condos, hotels, fancy dinners and luxury brands, while acting like it‘s totally normal and nothing special. All this glamour and glitter makes him very curious, envious and more interested in her. After all, it’s what many men desire: Attractive women and an opportunity to become rich. Her intention is to make him ask himself:


  This is exactly where she wants to have him. Usually these girls tell their victim that they have an uncle who works at Wall Street and leaks some ‘insider info’ to her. Shell show him screenshots of her successful Forex trades on meta trader.

  As soon as she manages to raise enough interest and enthusiasm in him, shell offer him to teach forex trading and share her forex positions with him. All this because he is so nice and handsome. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect constellation to make men lose common sense and become greedy: a hot, smart and successful girl who is interested in him and the prospect of earning lots of money.

  How does the Tinder Forex Scam work?

  The Tinder scam is a very sophisticated approach to steal money from people. The girls that are part of this scam (or lets say the person hiding behind that Tinder profile) play the long game when they know the potential victim a suitable prey. I.e., he might have some savings and might be easier to manipulate. Over weeks, she will have a normal flirty conversation with him. Make him like her and trust her while slowly introducing him to her Forex earnings.


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