LIRUNEX:Lirunex Limited – Explanations on Wikifx Complaints

Lirunex Limited (hereinafter referred as ‘Lirunex’) has always taken client’s feedbacks seriously in order to promote equitable trading experience for our customers. We have taken same approach in handling recent negative feedbacks posted in WikiFX towards Lirunex.

Lirunex has reacted promptly by reaching out to WikiFXfor the contacts of the affected clients so that we can resolve the dissatisfactions experienced by the affected clients. Unfortunately, Lirunex's team is not able to establish communication with affected clients due to contact details are invalid. Lirunex has taken further steps by escalating to WikiFX to retrieve further information pertaining to the affected clients, however, WikiFX did not accede to our request.

To clarify further, there have not been any form of customers complains received by Lirunex recently related to the complains/negative feedback posted on WikiFX.

We are also not able to match contact information disclose by WikiFX on the affected clients with our Lirunex customers' database.

Lirunex welcome the affected clients to step forward and get in touch with our team as soon as possible so that we are able to resolve all matters.

Shall the affected clients fail to contact us directly and continue to post negative feedbacks on Lirunex, Lirunex will classify the complains/negative feedbacks as act of defamation and unfair practice by third-parties in attempts to gain personal benefits. Lirunex will NOT in any form, condone to any unethical acts performed by irresponsible parties through unfair practices to garner immoral advantages.

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