Marta Hall steps down from sensor maker Velodynes board

  Reuters – Sensor maker Velodyne Lidar Inc said on Thursday that Marta Hall, the wife of founder David Hall, had resigned from its board weeks after the couple sold more than twothirds of their stake in the company.

  Velodyne had last year removed David Hall as chairman and Marta as marketing chief for lack of honesty – a charge Marta said the couple was not allowed to rebut in a board meeting she described as an “ambush”. David stepped down from the companys board a few days after the meeting.

  The couple in March slashed their stake in the company to 10.1 from 42.9.

  “Ms. Hall and her husband have repeatedly criticized the Board and management and voiced her concerns about her considerable differences of opinion with certain board members and management,” Velodyne Lidar said in a filing on Thursday.

  The company is among the several vying to supply automakers with lidar – a sensor that generates a threedimensional map of the road ahead.

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