MultiBank Group Reportedly to File a Lawsuit against von Der Heydt Group


  MultiBank Group Reportedly to File a Lawsuit against von Der Heydt Group

  There are accusations of alleged breaches of regulations on Luxembourg and German laws from a joint venture.

  MultiBank Group, a retail brokerage, is set to launch legal proceedings against Germanys Von der Heydt Group. According to Business Leaders, German Noteholders were offered payment by the MultiBank Group for funds allegedly diminished as a result of some actions done by the Von der Heydt Group.

  Reports claim that the lawsuit against the Von der Heydt Group is filed under the premise of allegedly illegal transactions in mutual funds undertaken by the German group, which could have breached the European Regulatory Framework. The outlet notes that the maneuver had been allegedly illegal under Luxembourgs laws.

  From 2017 to 2020, the MultiBank Group entered a joint venture with Von der Heydt Group, where the retail brokerage invested over EUR 43 million. Business Leaders stated that VDH Group failed to disclose to MultiBank Group and other investors that their trading and other investment activities were allegedly breaching both German and Luxembourg regulations.

  In fact, the German authorities launched a raid to the offices of a money manager in Berlin amid an investigation regarding a Ponzi scheme. The media outlet noted that Stephan Blohm, the then VDH Groups CEO in Luxembourg, was the alleged main suspect and faced criminal charges.

  Separate Litigation in the BVI

  “The VDH Group also failed to reveal adverse findings of the Supervisory Commission of the Financial Sector in Luxembourg (CSSF) as confirmed in a letter dated 14 October 2020, in which the CSSF references 12 ‘severe deficiencies in relation to the functioning of the Funds,’ ranging from inability to provide the auditor sufficient and to deficiencies in the valuation of assets, to failure to abide by counter-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws,” the outlet claimed.

  Moreover, there are also claims that the Von der Heydt Group participated as claimants in proceedings against one of the MiltiBank Group subsidiaries, MBF, in the British Virgin Islands.

  Finance Magnates reach out to MultiBank Group to confirm the lawsuit‘s claims and details. We’ll update this news article accordingly once we receive a response.


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