RFOX: Pushing Boundaries in the Metaverse


  RFOX: Pushing Boundaries in the Metaverse

  Meet RFOX, the metaverse trailblazer.

  The metaverse may be the hot new topic for some today, but for those who have been following RFOX, the hype comes with no surprise.

  RFOX has been steadily building the RFOX VALT metaverse since 2018, while maintaining its status as a leading innovator in this field. It continues to push the envelope in terms of immersive metaverse experiences specifically catered to retail, entertainment, and gaming industries.

  The RFOX Token: The 700% surge was just the beginning

  RFOXs trailblazing efforts and commitment to excellence have not gone unnoticed by investors. In fact, the RFOX Token was met with a relentless demand, which made its price increase over 700% over the course of the 12 months.

  Surprisingly, when comparing it to its metaverse peers like Sandbox and Decentraland, RFOX is still considered by many to be currently undervalued. This means that RFOX is still a fantastic, under-explored opportunity for both investors and brand partners.

  The RFOX token will play a pivotal role as it powers the RFOX VALT metaverse and the rest of the RFOX ecosystem.

  December 9th: Save this date, get a stake in the metaverse

  Aside from its recent surge, there is still an incredible potential for growth as investors eagerly anticipate other big events such as the new sale of virtual land in RFOX VALTs gaming-inspired quarter, Arkamoto, on December 9, 12 PM GMT+8, where 25 premium SHOPs will be auctioned off.

  The RFOX VALT is ready to take the metaverse to a whole new level with its new gaming-inspired quarter, Arkamoto, as it will be able play host to venues purposely built for e-sports, gaming tournaments, and many other things.

  But even if it is focused on the gaming and entertainment industries, the possibilities are endless as RFOX VALT is aiming to become so much more, especially given its recreational capabilities and its range of commercial and employment opportunities in the future.

  Join the RFOX VALT SHOP auction here. Learn more about the auction in this article and guide.

  But thats not all: Meet KOGs: SLAM!

  Aside from the RFOX VALT metaverse, RFOX is also building great products and services across industries such as gaming, DeFi, NFTs, online media, and more. For instance, KOGs: SLAM! by RFOX Games recently went live on open beta!

  This free-to-play, nostalgia fueled, blockchain game, takes users back to a bygone era, drawing inspiration from the POGS game of the 90s.

  KOGs: SLAM!'s Play to Earn approach is a serious contender for being one of most well-thought growth drivers due to its ability to boost participation and inclusion. Its ability to give its users the possibility to convert their hard-earned KOINS or KOGs into real-life earnings is just one of the many reasons players from all generations will be interested.

  One more thing: KOGs: SLAM! will also play an important role when the RFOX VALT fully launches soon. This will also happen for RFOXs other services, such as DeFi products on RFOX Finance, NFT storefronts via RFOX NFTs, live streaming courtesy of RFOX Media, and more.

  A bright future ahead

  When it comes to RFOX, the possibilities are truly limitless.

  As a company, RFOXs efforts in scaling tremendous growth through bold venture development and acquisitions have certainly paid off.

  On one hand, RFOX will give SHOP owners the capabilities and tools to have complete creative and business freedom, meaning that RFOX will play a key role in redefining digital inclusion, e-commerce, and other immersive experiences.

  On the other, RFOXs approach to the metaverse aims at creating value and true inclusion opportunities into the digital economy.

  As such, it comes with no surprise that brands like ICON and CoinGecko are quickly joining the RFOX VALT and playing a role in building this decentralized metaverse.


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