Six smart strategies for choosing Forex Brokers


  Whether it is about choosing a Forex broker, choosing a type of fund, or investing in the funds, everything requires a smart sense of trading and market knowledge. Any point where you lack can cause severe damage to your funds. A few smart tips and tricks will always give you an upper hand while choosing forex brokers.

  1. Only trust a well-regulated broker

  Nowadays, online forest trading leverages forex trading, and no doubt it is smart to trade online. As said earlier, knowledge is the mandatory source for risk management in online forex trading. We recommend you to use well-regulated Forex Brokers on WikiFX. Everything that glitters is not gold. It means every forex broker you contact over social media who guarantees risk-free returns is not supposed to be reliable. A trusted and well-regulated broker lists its license at the bottom of its website. You can at least check the trustworthiness of the forex broker in a matter of few clicks.

  2. A broker with an unlimited demo account

  The concept of a demo account is an excellent way to assist those who are new to enter the field of forex trading. Every broker offers a demo account that looks similar to the trading account. We recommend you go with that broker who offers an unlimited demo account. Here, you can test and practice your strategies as much as you can without any risks.

  3. Copy-trading service

  If youre a newbie and are lacking time to keep watching the market the whole day, you can go with copy-trading services. With the help of these brokers, you are allowed to copy trades of existing market players. Copy-trading brokers give you the portfolio of every experienced broker mentioning their success rate, loss ratio, and risk profile.

  4. Account features

  Forex brokers have different account offerings. While making a comparison among forex brokers, you should consider 4 main characteristics.

  1- Check margin and use leverage ratio with caution

  2- Know how does the broker makes its money, and what commission does it take?

  3-Brokers provide mini, micro, and standard accounts with varying initial deposit requirements.

  4- Simplicity and flexibility in withdrawals and deposits

  5. Currency pair

  Many forex brokers online may offer you bitcoins, or another crypto, however, we recommend you to stay away from crypto as value changes in cryptocurrency pairs are highly unpredictable carrying financial risks in your trading account.Although cryptocurrency can give good returns in a short period of time, it is a variable asset.

  6. Customer service experience

  Forex trading is open round the clock, a broker that is able to provide customer support anytime will be the right choice for you. Also, check flexibility and constraints. Whether it is easy to connect with a live support agent on phone.


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  Now more than 30,000 forex brokers can be searched on WikiFX. You can check their regulatory status, company information, MT4/5 servers and user reviews before investing. You can also expose the scam forex broker on WikiFX. We will do everything to help you get your money back.


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