Stake Up to 36% Yearly and Book Flights: How Does LYO Token Work?


  LYO token continues to create new pathways to make payments simple.

  LYO token and its parent firm, LYOPAY group, are flourishing as the LYO token continues to create new pathways to make payments simple. LYO Credit tokens can be used to pay for several different items and services within the LYO ecosystem.


  Book Airline Tickets with LYO Credit Token

  LYO Credit Token can be used to book flight tickets on LYOTRAVEL. Unlike the usual method of purchasingairline tickets, the token aims to fill the void with new payment options. As a result, travelers enjoy a hassle-free flight ticket purchase experience with LYO Credit, bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and others.

  Stake LYO Credit and Earn Rewards

  LYO token staking is available on LYOTRADE exchange. The LYO Credit token provides users service to perform staking and receive competitive returns. With only a few clicks, users can lock a minimum of 50 LYO to the maximum of 100,000 LYO on the exchange and earn a variable return on investment. Every last day of the month, staking rewards are processed after the pool closes.

  LYO Credit Staking Reward

  Lock 3 month: 0.5% per month

  Lock 6 months: 1% per month

  Lock 12 months: 1.5% per month

  Lock 24 months: 3% per month


  LYO Credit staking Interface:

  Trade LYO Credit for Other Cryptos

  It is worth mentioning that the LYO Credit token puts a premium in crypto investing which enables users to exchange it with other cryptocurrencies. That said, users can convert their LYO Credit holdings with others seamlessly.

  Additionally, using the LYO Credit token allows users to pay ultra-low fees on purchases. Start trading LYO Credit token on exchange.

  Reason to Purchase LYO Credit Token

  LYO Credit's functions are powered by BNB technology. Besides, LYO Credit token smashed a breaking 98% rating in a smart contract audit performed by the Zokyo blockchain team, where the usability, security, and legitimacy of the token were validated. This alone makes LYO token the best and most trustworthy crypto to buy. Above all, LYO Credit is deemed as an ultimate crypto asset with high liquidity for everyone.

  Is There a Use Case for LYO Credit Token?

  Crypto enthusiasts can stake LYO Credit tokens up to 36% per year and earn referral rewards. On LYOTRAVEL, travelers can book airline tickets and pay using LYO tokens. In addition to trading with other cryptocurrencies, LYO Credit can be used to pay for hotel stays.

  What exactly are you waiting for? There are no better means of making payment than using LYO Credit token. Sign up on today and take your crypto experience to the next level with LYO Credit token.


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