The Most Crypto-Friendly Nation in the World Is Slovenia, Survey Finds


  Argentina is the 3rd most crypto-friendly destination in the world.

  California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are the top crypto cities in the US.

  Take Advantage of the Biggest Financial Event in London.

  New York has numerous options, such as shops and restaurants to spend cryptocurrencies , making it one of the crypto-friendly cities in the US. In terms of US cities with the most crypto-friendly communities, Los Angeles ranked 2nd, and San Francisco ranked 3rd. In addition to China, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and Bangladesh, which have all outlawed cryptocurrencies for different reasons, there are also China, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, and Bangladesh.

  Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, has been found to be the most crypto-friendly city in Europe. The city of Ljubljana alone has more than 137 companies and 584 different locations that accept crypto assets. The Slovene government allows crypto payments in 72 shops and 33 sports venues. In honor of Bitcoin, Slovenia's largest shopping center is called BTC.

  Prague was the second most crypto-friendly destination in the Czech Republic. Paralelni Polis is one of the city's major crypto-friendly attractions.

  And the Least Crypto-Friendly Country in Europe Is…

  Also, Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the 3rd most crypto-friendly destination in Europe. The Spanish government implemented crypto regulation in 2021. With their cryptocurrency, Spaniards can buy gift cards online and in-store at apparel shops and electronics, such as Netflix subscription gift cards and Amazon gift cards. Malta has been ranked as the least crypto-friendly country in Europe.

  Malta has no cryptocurrency regulations. In order to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, The Times of India noted that the survey also listed countries with the most crypto ATMs in the world.


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