The situation in Russia and Ukraine is uncertain, and Biden is doing things in Asia again?

US President Biden arrived in Tokyo, Japan on the 22nd for a three-day visit, and held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the 23rd. This is also the first time the two have formal face-to-face talks. After the summit, a joint statement was issued. The Japan-US Joint Statement issued by the Japanese government: Both sides agreed that the greatest threat to the current international order is Russia's brutal, unprovoked and unjustified aggression against Ukraine. Both sides condemned Russia's actions and held Russia accountable for its brutality.

Both sides reiterated their support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Both sides agreed to take action to advance a shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific. U.S. President Joe Biden underscored America's unwavering commitment to the region. Stressed the importance of candid communication with China, including at the summit level, and demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with China where possible in areas of mutual interest.

After the US-Japan summit, Biden officially announced the launch of the “Indo-Pacific Economic Framework” (IPEF) in Japan. Thirteen countries including the United States, South Korea, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Brunei became the initial members.

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