“Unable to withdraw funds from NARDO.” Is NARDO really that bad?

  Forex trading is considered as one of the most benefit business across the globe. However, it is also risky since many investors lost money in the forex market. some brokers are scams that take traders‘ money away fraudulently. WikiFX’s goal is to protect traders rights. his article will reveal how NARDO, an online forex broker, defrauded users of their funds through the evidence provided by investors.

  About WikiFX

  WikiFX is an authoritative global inquiry platform providing basic information inquiry and regulatory license inquiry. WikiFX can evaluate the safety and reliability of more than 36,000 global forex brokers. WikiFX gives you a huge advantage while seeking the best forex brokers. WikiFX‘s goal is to protect traders’ rights. For the investors who have problems with withdrawal refusal. The return of money is no doubt the biggest surprise for them. Protecting customer rights and interests are the goals of the WikiFX customer services team.

  About NARDO

  According to NARDO, Nardo Global limited was founded in 2010 by veteran management-team with years of experience in the forex and technology industries. The company is based in H.K. Nardo Global limited assists retail and institutional investors in using forex and other instruments as an asset class and part of their investment objectives. NARDO claimed to offer the best trading platforms with access to low-cost pricing, reliable trading infrastructure, fast execution and exceptional client support. However, according to WikiFX, NARDO only has the experience of within one year. Additionally, this broker does not have a legitimate license, which means that this broker is not regulated. WikiFX gives this broker a low score of 1.11/10.


  Withdrawal Refusal: A voice from a victim

  Recently WikiFX received a complaint from an American investor. He claimed that NARDO freezes his account and does not allow him to withdraw money.

  This trader had around $10,000 in his account. However, when he wants to withdraw his money, the customer support team of NARDO told this trader that he can withdraw the money until his account balance has greater than USD 29,999.99 ($30K). “ You cannot withdraw, you need to have the account funds reach 30,000 US dollars and complete the transaction before you can withdraw. Otherwise, the MT5 platform will involve your funds as money laundering.” This is what the broker told the trader. This trader claimed that NARDO also made a lot of excuses to stop traders to withdraw money from his account. The trader believes that he was not informed of the policy before investing.


  As of June 17, 2022, the fund has still not been withdrawn. This trader asked WikiFX for assistance. WikiFX always puts the interests of customers first place. No matter what kind of problem the investor is facing, the Right Protection Center of WikiFX will keep trying to help this trader recover the delayed funds and resolve disputes and conflicts.

  Conclusion: What should you do when you get scammed?

  Before choosing a broker, investors can use WikiFX to inquire and to stay away from scams. If you already get scammed by the broker, you need to record the evidence, describe the problem clearly and submit a complaint on the broker's relevant page on the WikiFX website as soon as possible.

  If you want to know more information about the reliability of certain brokers, you can open our website (https://www.WikiFX.com/en). Or you can download the WikiFX APP to find the most trusted broker for yourself. If you have any problems with certain broker, please do not hesitate to contact WikiFX. The global customer service of WikiFX is +234-706 777 7762 on WhatsApp. Or you can call +65-31290538. We are willing and ready to help you out.

  We want to warn you that NARDO is not a trustworthy broker as your money may not be able to get returned. What happened to this investor could happen to any of us. We must be vigilant when investing in a broker.


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