What is a purpose of trading?


  I was once asked this question in a certain group from Facebook. Trading does not have the same meaning to some other people, it is a very subjective practice from one to another. People could describe trading in different ways especially what it means to them.

  Chan Smith once said “Trading gives hope. Hope that I can build generational wealth for my family. Coming from a small island I have seen my parents and grandparents constantly struggle to make ends meet. They did not see the world as we see it now. 9-5 was all they knew. Waiting for retirement to enjoy life. I do not want that, I want to build a life where I can take care of them, where no matter what emergencies occurs, I do not have to worry because I would have placed myself in a position where my family will always be ok. Where my two sons will never need anything. A life where I work to live, not live to work. Trading open doors to the future I want.”

  Jermaine Rashad Trading is a mirror. If you lack discipline, patience, confidence, consistency, focus, etc. it will show up in how you handle yourself on the charts. As you grow in these different areas, you will see it reflect in your trading. I have grown a lot these past 4 years.

  Trading gives me my life back. For years I was working so many hours that once I got a measure of freedom, I did not know what to do with my time. You can tap into your own power if you are selling it at a discount to a job. Once you start tapping into your own power it shows in everything. Your actions. Now people interact with you. How you feel.

  People often say life is what you make it. Learning how to trade has made that statement truer than ever. By the end of 2020 I will never have to punch another clock or fill out another job application. Every month that passes I am checking something off my list and building the life I want instead of living the life someone else says I should live.

  Masego Maz Molobi The day I found trading; I swear I never felt more belonging in my life. Since High School I never knew what I really wanted to be in life… I studied marketing but never felt any passion towards it. It is only until I found the market, did I finally feel that sense of belonging, something I really took an interest in, something I finally saw myself being invested in. I have never wanted something as much as being full time trader!

  I do not see myself being anything else, in trading I feel I am becoming the self I have always wanted to be, and I can be more for those around me too.

  Trading is subjective, many people describe it in different ways. That is one of the most important key areas to describe and your purpose, your end goal, and your vision. You must have a finely defined plan as to what trading means to you, from that you will only focus on what is more important than the daily temptations that could distract you from reaching your goals. You can download WikiFX to find more inspiration and to keep your trading journey focused.

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