Who can trade forex or indices in South Africa?

  One of the main reasons why many individuals trade forex, indices or stocks is because of its opportunities that it presents to people from 18 and above. You do not need rocket science to be a forex, indices or stocks trader. There is a vast of opportunities inside the market conditions and now it is better because a lot of opportunities are presented to us online. You do not need to attend a long seminar to even have access to these platforms, like they used to do back in the day. Now there are opportunities or platforms where you could watch certain videos at your own pace and at your own spare time.

  You probably could be a trader if:

  · You do not fear to take risks.

  · You would like to be your own boss.

  · You are not lazy to study hard until you grab the trading concept.

  · You have a vision; you think about the future most of the times.

  · You have the money that you can afford to lose.

  · You are not a greedy person.

  · You have the patience to grow and be a better version of yourself.

  · You have the ability to stand upon people who would talk you out of your vision and dreams.

  · You have a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop and a good internet connection.

  · You are financial literate, because it is pointless to make money and blow it at the same time.

  · You believe in yourself and do not rush the process.

  · You are willing to help other people, because in that way you learn faster when you are not alone in the process, but of course you could still do things on your own.

  · You do not give up easily, you go for what you would like to achieve even if the odds are against you, you are the kind of person that is not shaken easily.

  · You give it your all or you do not at all.

  · You see limitless possibilities.

  · You are target driven.

  · You do not fear change.

  · You like to invest in multiple streams of income.

  · You are open minded; some people think that everything is a scam. As long as they are not used to it.

  · You would like have financial freedom, travel the world, and work wherever you are in world. There is so much outside of South Africa and the world is waiting for dreamers to explore it or make it a better place.



  We have seen a lot of young and self-made successful traders in South Africa, there is also a lot of elderly self-made successful traders in South Africa. It is only a matter of being bold and trust the process. You could use a few inspirations from online but also it is mostly stressed that when you are dealing with online people or anyone you have never met in real life, you probably should stay away. You may find a lot of valid information in the app called WikiFX. In order to prevent making previously doe mistakes by other traders/individuals/investors.

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