WIKIFX REPORT: Autochartist Now Available on BlackBull Markets


  Autochartist is an analysis tool that uses powerful pattern-recognition software to identify opportunities in the market in real time.

  Apply Autochartist‘s expertise across your favourite instruments today and start receiving alerts when potential trade set ups appear. It’s like having a pair of eyes watching and analysing the market for you at all times.

  Autochartist can identify and alert you to:

  •   Key support and resistance levels

  •   Chart patterns, including channels, wedges, triangles, and flags

  •   Fibonacci retracements and extensions

  •   Excessive movement and volatility

  •   More appropriate stop loss and take-profit levels

  Autochartists is available free to all BlackBull Market clients with a live trading account.

About BlackBull Markets

  BlackBull Markets is a New Zealand based multi-asset broker in Shares, FX, CFDs and Commodities. Established in 2014, BlackBull Markets has seen rapid growth and consistently doubled in size annually while expanding and tailoring its product offering across markets globally.

  Visit and trade with an award-winning, multi-regulated broker.

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