WIKIFX REPORT: CedarFX Lends Support to Combat Climate Change

  As we enter a new era of endless extreme weather events such as heatwaves and bushfires brought about by the rising average temperatures, one forex broker has emerged determined to combat this crisis. CEDARFX has recently disrupted the online trading industry with its unique vision to drive clients to act before its too late. The forex broker has teamed with the UK based organization Ecologi to create its very first Eco Account, in support of their climate change prevention initiatives.

Eco Account

  Eco Account users will be charged a $1 commission fee which will directly impact Ecologi‘s global tree planting projects. At the end of each month, all funds gathered will be matched by CEDARFX and sent to Ecologi. Whatsmore, users can also maximize their funds by enjoying CedarFX’s super-low spreads, ultra-fast withdrawals, and 1:500 leverage, reducing trading costs for all 170 + tradable assets available on the platform. Additionally, CedarFX clients can also enjoy round-the-clock support including weekends to be able to cater to crypto enthusiasts.

0% Commission Account

  Want to forgo the commission fee? Then CedarFX‘s 0% Commission Account is just for you. Traders opting for a 0% Commission Account will enjoy the same identical benefits without the additional cost, making this the ideal account for young traders trying to get their foot in the door. 0% Commission traders can make use of their entire deposit to diversify their assets and gauge their executions in a more precise manner without the fear of tightening or widening of spreads. Moreover, CedarFX does not impose any trading limit on zero commission CFDs. CedarFX’s continuous impact on combating climate change through its Eco Account cannot go unnoticed. To date, clients of the online forex broker have helped successfully offset 1.83 tones of C02 through the Qinder Energy in Andhra Pradesh, India project and by contributing to preserving the prime Brazilian rainforest.

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