WIKIFX REPORT: Investor Alert! Beware the Unregistered Broker Roden Global


  A scam broker always wants you to believe that it is a reliable forex broker that will help you earn some decent money on the side. The most common way involves claiming its long history and strict regulation. However, when you start to trade with it, you will find any trading information it claimed has been left out, and the fraud itself is unbelievable.

  Recently, BrokersView learned that Roden Global has been one of the fraudulent brokers.

  Offering Misleading Information

  # claims to be a reliable broker with a long history

  The entity showed it was established in 1993, however, domain check results showed it was newly created in 2021. This is the first red flag here.

(domain check)

  # an unregistered forex broker in the UK

  Roden Global portrays itself as a legal business providing investors with forex services. But actually it is not entitled to operate on any market because it runs without a license.

  Viewing its “Contact Us”, the firm shows its official address is in South Croydon, United Kingdom. As per the UK rules, any firm offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK has to be registered in the FCA, one of the strictest global financial watchdogs that regulate and supervise the UK financial market. However, Roden Global isn't registered with the FCA because there is no results can be found on the Registry of the regulator.


   (Screenshot of Roden Global & the FCA)

  No Legal Documents

  Roden Global is not a reliable broker for traders as it presents no “Legal Docs/Terms” on its website. The entity seems scanty with relevant information missing, including license certificate, deposit&withdrawal methods and account types etc. More so, this broker does not offer funds separation guarantee and money back guarantee, which means trading on such platform is clearly a risk as your money cannot be protected.

  Above information makes it clear: investors' funds in Roden Global is unsafe and cannot be protected by any laws. Therefore, we can conclude that it is a scam.

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