WikiFX report: Maxwell Odum: MBA Forex CEO dey Economic and Financial Crimes Commission wanted list


  Maxwell Chizi Odum wey be MBA forex CEO dey involved in a case of conspiracy, obtaining money by false pretence and money laundering, EFCC tok.

  Di Nigerian wey be native of Elekahia town in Port Harcourt allegedly trick pipo to di tune of 213 billion Naira, EFCC announce.

  One of di investors for MBA Forex, John Paul Uzo tell BBC Pidgin say im invest four million, five hundred thousand naira for MBA Forex as a means to get anoda source of income for im family.

  But e no tay after im invest di money for June 2020, di scheme crash for November same year.

  “Wetin EFCC do na welcome development because na something we don dey push for, for a long time and now wey dem don do am, we happy well well.”

  Oga Uzo na di secretary of Victims of MBA Forex, a group wey don do plenty protest waka to goment agencies like Department of State Security, EFCC and Central Bank of Nigeria CBN.

  Dem do demonstration to demand make dem take action and help dem recover dia money dem invest for MBA Forex.

  Im say dis one give dem small hope say dem go fit recover dia money wey dey trapped inside as many of dem dey suffer well well.

  Na 50/50 chance because e go get through some process as goment now go step in and charge am go court.

  “So na di court go decide weda di money go go to Goment or di investors but we get hope say we di investors go benefit at di end of di day.”


Investor allege say 'MBA Forex na big fraud right from di foundation'

  John Paul Uzo claim say many pipo wey invest for MBA Forex dey serious distress now.

  Dis, according Uzo, na as some of dem put all dia life savings, some even borrow money from bank put dia and now many of dem don enter big gbese as dia businesses don close.

  And many families don scatter sake of dis and dem dey regret bitterly. E add.

  Im allege say di whole investment scheme dey based on fraud right from di beginning as EFCC don discover.

  Obtaining money by false pretence and money laundering na crime for Nigeria and e risk jail term.

  We don discover say MBA Forex na fraud right from di foundation. Even EFCC sef don find out say evritin about di business dey based on fraud.

  Di one wey dem say Court freeze im account no get effect because we find out say no money dey inside those accounts dem freeze.

  And even di ones wey money dey, e dey very small compared to di amount of money pipo invest.

  So dat one show say di man comot all di money wey bin dey inside those accounts so e go hard for pesin to discover di exact amount because e scatter am for different accounts wey pipo no know. Im tok.

Di testimonials from oda investors ni am convince me to invest'

  John Paul Uzo say wetin make in invest for MBA Forex na di testimony wey odas wey bin don invest give about dia investment say e dey pay well.

  “We no suspect anytin as we dey invest. Most of di tins im tell us – both clarification from EFCC, CBN, Transparency International and di oda pipo im bring to testify for some of im seminar all na lie! Dem stage manage am finish.”

  Uzo add say anoda point na say dem manage di platform well for four years so oda investors wey don invest earlier.

  Dat na two, three years before, come become im unpaid marketers wey persuade odas as dem don get return of dia investment, so e easy to persuade odas say e dey pay.

  After Covid-19 wey im still dey pay, pipo come get so much trust for di scheme so some pipo liquidate dia account.

  Odas sell dia property, some even go borrow money from micro-finance banks to invest.

  “Dis go tell you how much pipo bin trust di system only to find out say all na big fraud.”

Maxwell Odum Chizi Biography

  Maxwell Odum na Nigerian entrepreneur, from Elekahia community for Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

  According to EFCC, im last known address na 7 Odum Street, Elekahia Port Harcourt.

  Im be di Managing Director of MBA Forex and Capital Investment Limited wey dey into Forex trading and training.

  On 28 April, 20219 Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1 Boundless Grace Church wish am Happy Birthday.

  Di message dem post for dia facebook page show say im fit be member of Christ Embassy wey be Chris Oyakhilome church.

  MBA Forex dey registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and di Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering and dem bin din dey operate for four years before dem close down for December, 2020.

  For dia Facebook page, dem claim say dem dey certified fraud free to do business for Nigeria by di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC.

Penalty Maxwell Odum Chizi go face

  For di Criminal Code Act (2004), di offence of obtaining by False Pretences dey proscribed.

  Dis crime dey for sections 419, 419A, 419B, 420, 421, 422, and 423 of di Criminal Code Act.

  E state say any pesin, by false pretence, and with di intent to defraud another pesin, and collect from dat oda pesin anything dem fit steal, or advise any oda person to deliver to any oda pesin anything dem fit tiff, or get credit by false pretences or by oda kind of fraud, don commit offence.

  And di pesin dey liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

'MBA Forex no ever dey registered with us' – SEC Nigeria

  Di Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Nigeria also clarify say MBA Forex no ever dey registered with dem.

  Head of Investigation and Enforcement of di Security and Exchange Commission, Port Harcourt Branch, Enebeli Sussy Sulukwe for May 2021 explain say;

  MBA Forex bin try to register wit dem but dem fail to meet dia registration requirements.

  And dem dey among di market operators wey SEC list for dia website as one of those wey dey operate illegally. Sulukwe tok

  “MBA Forex don dey SEC website for over a year with a warning to di general public to beware, so no, dem no dey registered with di SEC.”

  Di Madam for Investigation and Enforcement of SEC Port Harcourt Branch, emphasise say, di commission no ever endorse any scheme wey don crash for Nigeria today.

  And so make pipo do dia due diligence, shine dia eyes well-well before dem put dia money for any investment, Enebeli Sussy Sulukwe tok.

  Make I make am very clear, di Securities and Exchange Commission no endorse any scheme wey don crash for Nigeria today.

  I dey tell you di fact say, any of such schemes wey claim say dem registered wit SEC dey tok lie. Dem go go about dey show pipo fake registration documents.

  “We actually get those schemes listed for our website as ponzi schemes.” She tok.

  Pipo wey invest for MBA Forex don do several protest waka to EFCC, DSS and even di Pentocostal Church wey Maxwell Odum dey attend, dey ask dem to tell Odum to pay dem back di money dem invest for im business.

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