WIKIFX REPORT: Olymp Trade introduces Quickler; enables traders make quick and informed decisions

  Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 29 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Founded in 2014, ( & deeplink_action=trading & project=bo) Olymp Trade continues to strive to be the leading international online broker and build a community of successful traders.

  The company has introduced Quickler, a unique platform asset that lets users make 5-second trade using the unique tool specially designed for traders, who can make quick decisions with laser focus.

  Quickler comes with three rewarding features that benefit the users, it comprises a super short trading duration where one does not need to wait for the outcome of the trade.

  Also, the platform has increased profitability level up to 80 per cent for all the traders, and the third advantage allows the user to access Quickler at any time of the day or night.

  Quickler is a perfect solution for several categories of traders in the market. It can be used by traders with irregular working hours and makes it easy to trade whenever they want to. This is a comfortable instrument for instant decision-makers. Traders are expected to find Quickler stimulating and fun to use, it enables users to think and take control of their trading activity.

  Additionally, the new instrument is also good for traders who are constantly on the move. Depending on where and how one is travelling, internet connectivity can be a challenge at times, in this scenario, Quickler allows the user to complete as many trades while waiting to board a flight.

  Quickler is a great addition to the other trading options that Olymp Trade offers on its platform. The broker allows one to take both short and long-term investments which helps one to earn profit from both quick trades and financial forecasts into the distant future. With Olymp Trade users can start trading instantly with a minimum investment and are free to withdraw their funds at any time.

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