WikiFX report: OmegaPro is Changing Lives Everywhere!


  OmegaPro is a pioneer in internet trading, having been founded in later part of 2018. Initially focusing on Forex trading, it has now expanded its product offering to include indices, stocks, commodities, and other assets. The organization also provides its clients with unique possibilities and services. As a result, it becomes easier for their clients to use their trading profits to better their life, no matter where they live. This articles explores how OmegaPro is changing lives everywhere!

What Is Omegapro and How Does It Work?

  Omegapro is a company that basically trades in forex and cryptocurrencies. Investors have the option to invest in Omegapro by purchasing one of their trading packages. When you purchase a trading package, the firm trades in forex and cryptocurrencies with your funds and pays you profits. Each investor is given the option to purchase any of the bundles that they can afford. The smallest package, which costs $100, is the cheapest way to invest in Omegapro.

  Omegapros investment program promises returns of up to 300 percent after 16 months. You may withdraw your daily profits, with premium bundles starting at $150. For new clients, there is a one-time registration charge of 29 USD. Furthermore, Omegapro has a referral program that allows you to make more money by introducing new clients to its system.

  OmegaPro aspires to become the worlds largest trading community by creating and providing services to the online trading industry. The original members Dilawar Singh (Owner of OMP Group), Andreas Szakacs (financial expert), and Mike Sims (owner of NYC Futures Fund) had this vision when they started the company. Since its launch in 2019, OmegaPro has helped over 400,000 people in over 100 countries achieve their goals.

Ways OmegaPro is Changing Lives

  With OmegaPro, you have the opportunity to subscribe for either the forex or crypto license. When you sign up for a trading package, the firm trades with your funds and pays you daily profits.

  These are the various Omegapro packages and their daily profit returns, as listed below.

  Startup Trader: $100 package = $0.45 daily returns

  Traders Basic Package: $500 package = $2.25 daily returns

  Light Trader: $1,000 package = $4.50 daily profits

  Pro Trader: $3,000 package = $13.50 daily profits

  Advance Trader: $5,000 package = $22.50 daily profits

  Tycoon Trader: $8,000 package = $36 daily profits

  Premium Trader: $10,000 package = $45 daily profits

  Master Trader: $15,000 package = $67.50 daily profits

  Elite Trader: $25,000 package = $112.50 daily profits

  VIP Trader: $50,000 package = $225 daily profits

  Whatever package you choose, you will also need to include $29 administration fee before your registration will be processed.

  Each package has a life span of between 14-16 months. If you let all of your profits compound, you‘ll have earned 300 percent of your initial investment after 16 months. For instance, if you picked the $1000 package, it would have become $3,000 after 16 months if you don’t withdraw any funds during this period. Then, you have the option of withdrawing your entire balance or reinvesting some or all of it.

  While your investment may provide a profit, there is another way to increase your earnings by joining Omegapros referral program. When you invest in Omegapro, this element is not a must. It is totally up to you whether or not you refer others. When you refer other individuals to pick up an investment package with the company, however, you are paid more.

  In the referral program, these are the options for making extra income: Direct Sales, Network Bonus, and Leadership Pool. This means that the more people you directly introduce to Omegapro, you achieve higher ranks. In turn, you earn extra rewards for each rank advancement you make, and you are celebrated accordingly. Heres a recent rank advancer.

Is OmegaPro Legitimate?

  Unfortunately, a great deal has been published about OmegaPro by many people all over the world. So many conclusions have been made in these people‘ so-called “reviews.” However, if you want proof of Omegapro’s authenticity, take a look at the evidences below.


  Here in Nigeria, OmegaPro has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission since September 2019.


  Omegapro has continued to gain international recognition for their giant strides in online trading. Recently, the company was granted Triple A (AAA+) status as one of the most prestigious – and trustworthy – MLM companies worldwide. (Google it out yourself to confirm)

  From Latin America in the west to Asia in the east, from Northern Europe to Africas southernmost tip, the OmegaPro family spans the globe. Even notable personalities have started identifying with Omegapro!

Your Turn To Enjoy Omegapro

  Everyone wants to be able to attain success, and financial success is no exception. Many people want to be financially secure without taking any risks. Your investment is very safe with OmegaPro. The good news is that you dont need any prior knowledge of FX or cryptocurrency trading to invest. In reality, Omegapro is appropriate for non-traders such as yourself.

  If youre interested in investing in Omegapro, here are the steps to follow to become a member of the firm. The firm would prefer that you be sponsored by someone. As a result, you stand to get more than simply a return on your investment.

  A sponsor at Omegapro is similar to a mentor in that they will advise you on how to get the most out of your investment. This also puts you in a better position to profit from the efforts of others in the network. While referring people is optional, you will still be part of the network and may benefit from their efforts.

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