WIKIFX REPORT: TMGM announces milestone event with the opening of new Bangkok office, Thailand


  Leading CFD broker, TMGM, shares exciting news with the recent Bangkok office opening as a strategic extension of the companys global network and market growth. On Saturday 2 April 2022, at the Grand Hall in the Marriott Marquis Queen's Park, Bangkok, TMGM launched the milestone for their new office with a celebratory partners event to mark the occasion.

  The exclusive event allowed VIP participants and TMGM prospective and current partners the opportunity to meet the new staff based in Bangkok. The event was lavished with an array of food, drinks, and music, before a selection of informative presentations about the development of TMGM in Thailand took place. Special guest Angelo D‘Alessio, TMGM Chief Marketing Officer, flew to Bangkok from the company’s headquarters in Sydney, and was among the presenting staff, providing company insight and questions for participants regarding clientele benefits, opportunities for partnering with TMGM and the future of the industry internationally.

  D‘Alessio comments, “Our newest office in Bangkok highlights TMGM’s commitment to the Thai market, as a reflection of our ever growing international expansion. The success and engagement from the event showed how delighted we are to be laying foundations in Thailand. It was an honour to travel to Bangkok and work with our new team and partners.”

  Surinya Klajman, TMGM South East Asia Business Development Manager, who has temporarily relocated to Thailand to ensure a smooth operation of the new office, states, “The event launch in Bangkok was a huge success. I personally am very excited for this next chapter with TMGM, as I have the privilege of being a part of the core team on the ground over here in Thailand. To see TMGM expanding across South East Asia and committing to yet another market is very exciting.”

  TMGM is proud to invest in this new opportunity as they recognise the growing market throughout Thailand. The exciting decision to open a local office will provide new opportunities for Thai clients and partners in the future. This strategic move aligns with TMGM‘s recent 2020 rebrand and shift towards a global focus, reinforcing their company promise and tagline: ’Trade the World.

  CEO of TMGM, Lee Yu remarks, “The opening of our office in Bangkok is a concrete example of how rapidly our company is growing, and reaching our goals. We are very proud of this achievement and cannot wait to see how it will boost our partners opportunities, complement our vision, and support our international team.”

  The illustrious event was a huge success for TMGM as they look forward to growing their relations across the country. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding TMGM.

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