WikiFX Review: Is ADVANCE STOX an Attractive Broker or Just Another Scam



  ADVANCE STOX is an online trading platform provider and a forex broker, aiming to offer investors the ability to trade underlying assets on an accurate Forex options trading platform. Advance Stox is owned and operated by Malarkey Consulting LTD, company registration number: 2020/IBC00078 and registered address 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica. Please note that this broker is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an attractive place for financial companies to operate through an offshore company. there is no sharp regulation or overseeing of the company operation implemented. The SVG broker can run its activity and accept forex payments through credit cards but is not overseen.

  Regulation: Is ADVANCE STOX legit?

  As we know so far, ADVANCE STOX does not have a legitimate license, and it is not regulated by any regulatory agency. It is no doubt that ADVANCE STOX is an unregulated broker that is more likely to take your money away fraudulently. The funds of clients are not protected. Therefore, WikiFX has given this broker a very low rating of 1.29/10 to remind you of the potential risks.

  Account Types&Minimum Deposit

  This broker offers clients three types of accounts to choose from. They are the ADVANCED account, INVESTOR account, and ENTUSIAST account. The minimum deposit for an ADVANCED account is $5000. The minimum deposit for the INVESTOR account is $1000, and the minimum deposit for ENTUSIAST account is $250.

  Unavailable Website

  We can not open this broker's website for some unknown reason. It is one of the disturbing part that we need to avoid this broker since we can not get any information from it.

  Trading Platform

  According to WikiFX, ADVANCE STOX provides clients with access to the world's financial markets via the Web Trader platform. Please note that it uses neither MT4 nor MT5 trading platforms.

  Feedback from traders

  In the online society, this broker has had a lot of negative feedback recently.


  How the risk looks like

  Like many other unregulated brokers, ADVANCE STOX is likely to freeze your account and steal your money when you invest in. They may try their best to persuade you to open an account, and eventually make you deposit more money by giving some rewards at the beginning. Once the scam becomes so obvious, they will take your money away without giving your any response


  We advise you to avoid this broker since we hope to save as many people as possible from losing money. It is no doubt that ADVANCE STOX is getting involved in the scam. WikiFX contains details of more than 34,000 global forex brokers, which gives you a huge advantage while seeking the best forex brokers. If you want to know more information about the reliability of certain brokers, you can open our website ( Or you can download the WikiFX APP for free through this link( Running well in both the Android system and the IOS system, the WikiFX APP offers you the easiest and most convenient way to seek the brokers that you are curious about.

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