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  In this day and age, although we could obtain nearly every piece of information that is needed from the Internet, there is also a big challenge in verifying the accuracy of such information. In the worst-case scenario, has it ever occurred to you that your broker could be non-existent?


  If you have never thought about these issues, maybe now is the time to start pondering on them. You could be shocked to find out that many brokers do not have an office at the address at which they claim to be located. Would you be able to entrust your hard-earned trading capital with a company like this regardless of how many licenses it holds or how lucrative its promotional deals are?

  WikiFX is a global forex broker regulatory inquiry platform that carries verified information of over 35, 000 brokers in collaboration with 30 regulators with the mission to keep traders away from the potential of being scammed. One of the features that differentiates WikiFX from its competitors is the field survey wherein the WikiFX team goes an extra mile for on-site visits at brokers' premises.

  Log on to WikiFX's Field Survey page ( where the tea will be spilled!

  How To Fully Utilize WikiFXs Field Survey Function


  Once you have downloaded the free WikiFX mobile application from Google Play or App Store, simply type in the name of the broker into the search box and let WikiFX do the remaining hard work for you.


  The image above showcases WikiFX's stored information about TeraFX, a United Kingdom broker company that offers online trading platforms in forex, and CFD in indices, commodities, and precious metals. Click on the section as directed by the arrow in the image.


  On WikiFX's page, the address of TeraFX is listed as Office 701, One Canada Square Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA UK.


  Upon cross-checking with TeraFX's official website, it is found that they remain at the same premise as of writing.


  WikiFX's field survey paid a visit to TeraFX's headquarters located at the aforementioned address at the start of 2022.


  Photos were taken on-site by WikiFX's field survey team and detailed descriptions were provided about the environment of the business premise.


  Although Terafx's company address is real, there is no sign of the logo of the company located on the actual premise. That caught the attention of WikiFX's field survey team.


  The WikiFX's field survey team will provide their insights after a field survey. Traders and/or investors could utilize this information to evaluate your brokers.

  For the full version of this TeraFX field survey article, click here:


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