​Serious Forex Fraud Case: Tens of Millions of Dollars Are Involved!

  ROM-E INVESTMENT has been accused of financial fraud recently with enormous funds involved, which has taken a heavy toll on society. The court sentenced the defendant Liu to 15 years' imprisonment and the defendant Fan to 14 years' imprisonment for fraud in the first instance.

  According to the prosecutor, Liu and Fan bought the fake software system for their trading platform where they conducted illegal transactions regarding forex, gold, crude oil, and stuff to swindle investors out of their assets, thereby causing the cumulative financial loss worth around 50 million US dollars.

  Investment managers and agents from ROM-E INVESTMENT were well aware that the platform illegally profited from clients losses, commissions, and rollover rates, whereas they still proactively contacted agents for promotion. Hence, they are identified as accomplices.

  The teaching team connected with ROM-E INVESTMENT played a paramount role in this fraud as the income of tutors is directly tied with the clients losses. They enticed investors to make deposits on this fake forex platform through live classes online, causing victims to lose money fast.

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