Anzo Capital:XAUUSD看似超买


USDJPY price action represents indecision, as a series of small bodied candles reflect a lack of activity from both buyers and sellers. The pair is likely to float back towards the ascending trendline which typically inspires the return of buyers. Momentum indicators have flattened in bullish territory.



The GBPUSD pair continues to bounce along the 1.418 resistance level, although selling activity has increased in the last few trading sessions. The ascending trendline has contained any previous pullbacks in the past. Momentum indicators are undergoing reversals.



Eurodollar price action is stuck to the ascending trendline, which remains a key support level for the pair. Doji candles could signal waning bullish momentum. The next target is the 1.232 price line which represents a recent high. Momentum indicators have stalled in bullish territory.



XAUUSD has weak support and as such as moderate pullback in price action is underway. The ascending trendline as well as the 1870 price line continue to act as key support levels. Momentum indicators suggest that the pair is overbought and a short-term pullback may be on the cards.

XAUUSD的支撑较弱,价格走势正进行适度回调。上升趋势线以及 1870 价位仍将作为关键支撑位。动量指标表明该货币对已超买,并可能出现短期回调。


The US500 index has failed to break the 4233 price line on several occasions and a series of doji candles suggest bullish momentum is weak. A well-established, long-term rally remains intact with the ascending trendline containing any sell-off attempts. Momentum indicators have flattened in bullish territory.

US500 指数几次未能突破 4233 价位,一系列十字星蜡烛表明看涨势头较弱。既定的长期反弹保持不变,上升趋势线仍遏制任何的抛售企图。动量指标在看涨区域持平。


The ASX200 index continues to test the 7195 resistance line, as bullish momentum appears to be climbing. If bulls can continue the momentum, a break seems inevitable. Momentum indicators suggest there is further upside potential, however, are approaching overbought conditions.

由于看涨势头似乎正在上升,ASX200 指数继续测试 7195 阻力位。如果看涨能够延续该势头,突破将似乎不可避免。动量指标表明有进一步上涨的潜力,但目前正接近超买。

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This article is to be used only as a reference, not as a basis for trading.

策略仅供参考 不做交易依据

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