Happy Eid al-Fitr 2022 And Enjoy The Ramadan Charity By Tifia

  Tifia team congratulates all the traders on Eid al-Fitr!

  Tifia wishes you pure thoughts, good deeds and constant spiritual growth! May peace, harmony and joy settle on your soul. May all prayers be heard and fulfilled. May peace and tranquility always live in the house, and your relatives stay healthy and happy!

  Also a remind about the opportunity to take part in Ramadan Charity program from 21.03.2022 till 09.05.2022. All donations will go to people in need.


  During the Holy month of Ramadan, Tifia is traditionally announcing the opening of the contest. Tifia transfers all raised funds to charity foundations. This year Tifia will be helping low-income people who need support the most.

  Take part in Ramadan Charity program from 21.03.2022 till 09.05.2022. By entering the contest, you can also win prizes from Tifia.


  Almsgiving should be an integral part of every Muslim.

  If a man has nothing, he should earn his living with his own hands and give part of what he earns to charity.

  If his physical condition does not allow him to work, he should simply help the poor and those in need.

  If he cannot do even that, let him encourage others to do good.

  Help with Tifia

  Tifia participates every year in charity campaigns during the Holy month of Ramadan. Last year Tifia raised more than $10,000 and helped several orphanages.

  In today's world there are many who need help and so Tifia feels it is the duty to help them.

  It's a great happiness and pleasure to see the smiles on people's faces and to give people joy and a good mood.

  In 2022, Tifia sets no less ambitious goals. All the partners and big Tifia family will do everything to make this world a better place, InshAllah.

  How to participate for trader?

  •   Open or use an active trading account to register in charity program

  •   Make a deposit

  •   Start profitable trading

  •   Donate 30% of your profit to people in need

  Tifia also donate 0,3 pips from each trade of program participants to the charity fund.

  How to do a personal donation?

  •   Go to your personal cabinet in the “My promotions” section

  •   Choose account from which you will transfer money

  •   Enter donation amount

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