Mohicans Markets recently attended the FinExpo Egypt held in Cairo, Egypt, from 25-26 May 2022.

Mohicans Markets is a senior financial service provider, aiming to provide clients with various and comprehensive services; also offer clients a fast and safe trading environment with different trading tools. We have won high praise from clients in this industry. At present, Mohicans Markets has offered services for clients in many countries and regions around the world, such as Vietnam, Dubai, Egypt, South Africa, China, etc.


This week, HQMENA has organized the financial expo in Egypt to connect top-level executives from companies operating in the FX and fintech sectors.

The expo features executives from leading companies in the forex trading and liquidity sectors, digital assets and blockchain sectors, retail and institutional brokers, etc.


Mohicans Markets has a chance to participate in the expo via its service that primarily targets forex trading clients.

The broker's executives were delighted to participate in the event and connect with other top-level executives from FX and fintech firms.

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