ViralCoin Combines Fair Balanced Launch with Long-Term Holding Incentives


  ViralCoin Combines Fair Balanced Launch with Long-Term Holding Incentives

  Organizing a fair balanced launch is tricky, but with the right mindset, it becomes possible.

  Standing out as a new cryptocurrency is a daunting task. Most projects try to provide a pipe dream or impossible returns without providing any long-term substance.

  ViralCoin takes the opposite approach by focusing on the aspects that matter during the launch and from a long-term perspective.

  The Struggle Of Fair Launches

  One of the unwritten rules in crypto is to get in on projects and assets early and hope for speculative gains, either in the short or long term. While that approach works for a lot of people, it doesnt bring value to an ecosystem.

  Without utility, there is no reason to have an asset in ones portfolio, especially if the speculative aspect remains a massive gamble.

  One way to counter this “get in, get out” mindset is by introducing a fair token launch. That may sound relatively simple on paper but is very problematic in the real world.

  It is nearly impossible to present a fair launch in crypto due to bots, whales, price fluctuations, coins being accessible only on one blockchain, and so forth. Despite the innovative crypto providers, there are many hurdles to overcome.

  Despite these challenges, some projects succeed in doing what seems impossible to everyone else. Blockchain and smart contract mechanisms can be leveraged for dozens of purposes, although they often require out-of-the-box thinking.

  For example, ViralCoin shows they can do it, thanks to a combination of price stability, issuing the token across three major blockchains, and a referral system, unlike anything the crypto industry has seen to date.

  The ViralCoin Vision

  Organizing a Fair Balanced Launch is tricky, but with the right mindset, it becomes possible. ViralCoin opts for an approach that keeps the token price consistent while the issuance takes place across Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

  It is a tough balancing act, where the next aspect of the project comes into the picture.

  Through a liquidity pool – paired with the USDC stablecoin – ViralCoin opts for a ViralVault. That vault is essential, as it is designed to rebalance the liquidity pool during the token minting process, keeping the maximum price stable until the total maximum supply has been reached.

  Moreover, there was no coin distribution to developers, founders, or early adopters, thus no one who can purposefully dump in the market.

  That USDC pairing also allows ViralCoin to thrive during bullish and bearish markets, and there is no impermeable loss.

  To promote the existence of ViralCoin, the team introduces the worlds first on-chain on-token referral program. It is not uncommon to see referral programs in the crypto world, yet they all require an intermediary of sorts.

  Referral rewards, 1% of every buy order through one‘s referral link – are paid to the referrer’s wallet directly and instantly. It is a more rewarding and transparent system, building on the strengths of crypto and blockchain.

  A crucial factor is how anyone can make money with this solution, even if they are not investing in ViralCoin themselves.

  Looking Toward The Future

  A cryptocurrency, token, or asset has no real purpose unless there is some utility involved. Unfortunately, most currencies on the market today have no utility, yet they are extremely volatile and risky investments.

  ViralCoin aims to negate that trend by building a viable and useful ecosystem for users to explore.

  It is crucial to understand that long-term holders of ViralCoin will earn 3% of every transaction on the network. That redistribution ensures users can build a steady source of income for as long as coins remain in their wallets.

  The team aims to give these redistributions a secondary purpose by building a subscription-based smart contract wallet. Users will be able to pay recurring bills with the redistribution fees they receive, including household expenses.

  The primary objective is to have this smart contract wallet integrated into numerous e-commerce partners and service providers. An interesting concept is letting users earn redistribution tokens and spend those on payments rather than their initial balance.

  It is a solid incentive to hold ViralCoin long-term, as there is no reason to sell as long as redistributions trickle in.

  ViralCoin has a very bright future ahead in the crypto and blockchain world. The Fair Balanced Launch solution, on-chain referral system, future e-commerce integration, and other aspects all pave the way for an exciting future.


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