WikiFX report: SuperForex Offers Its Services to Community of Iran


  SuperForex launched in 2013 and quickly began making waves through the world of Forex trading. The company gained popularity in the fast-paced trading industry of South-East Asia, conquering Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore first. Over the years, the broker has expanded to have over five

  million customers across 150 different countries. SuperForex is especially popular in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, which naturally led to an expansion towards Iran.

  One of the reasons why SuperForex appeals to so many people is because of the company‘s long list of trading instruments. Their traders are able to craft rich portfolios and hedge their investments over 300+ currency pairs (including exotic ones), options, futures, CFDs, and the stocks of the world’s most profitable companies. SuperForex also offers several options for commodity trading, including different kinds of crude oil futures.

  Besides the diversity of trading instruments, SuperForex also offers a variety of account types for both standard and ECN trading. Moreover, all account types also include a swap-free (also known as “Islamic”) option, so even traders who avoid swaps for religious reasons can use SuperForexs services.

  SuperForex also has a comprehensive Bonus Program. Thanks to these bonuses, traders can try out the companys services with minimal or even no investment at all (as is the case of the No Deposit Bonus).

  In addition, the company aims to offer trading education to its customer base for free. Besides a large collection of educational materials already available online on the SuperForex website, the company also organizes trading seminars regularly. The broker partners up with local SuperForex representatives for these events, where trading topics are discussed in person with local traders.

  For more information about the offers and services of SuperForex, please contact the company directly via their website or social media outlets.

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